Saturday, May 2, 2015

WeeLambieVintage (Talking to My Dog): A Love Story

WeeLambieVintage (Talking to My Dog): A Love Story: A Love Story  My Great Grandparents Alice Elizabeth Furber and Charles Webster Colman. Alice Elizabeth Furber My maternal Great Grand...

A Love Story

A Love Story 
My Great Grandparents Alice Elizabeth Furber and Charles Webster Colman.

Alice Elizabeth Furber
My maternal Great Grandmother as a young woman.

Charles Webster Colman
Aug. 1879

My Maternal Great Grandfather as a young man.

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A very sweet picture of the young couple. Posed and fun.

Oct. 12th 1929
Sweeter still in their older years. Standing tall and straight and obviously each has a twinkle in their eye.

Tremont St. Boston
July 19, 1939
On a stroll down Tremont Street Boston. Arm in arm. Grandma 80 years and Grandpa 83 years. 
My Mother's beloved Grandparents. 


Sunday, February 22, 2015

MinaLucinda and The German Pancake

First let me introduce you to Ellen the heart soul and breath behind a fabulous intern driven Etsy shop called MinaLucinda From the heart of New York City she is a costume historian, and has been working with antique and vintage pieces since 1967. 
I picture her making her German Pancake in full costume. 
Edwardian Hat

Vintage Silk Coat
Too scrumptious not to eat it right up hot from the pan.
German Pancake Mina Lucinda
While a gentle breeze blows in the kitchen window and seated at the tiny kitchen table.
French Cafe Curtain

Buttery goodness dripping from silver forks and merry amusing laughter bubbling from the lips of quests as they enjoy this feast with powdered sugar sprinkled onto the front of their frocks. 
Ah delightful to have a taste of the olde country kitchen in the middle of New York City.
Ellen's Recipe.
 here is the recipe - German pancakes are made in the oven, preferebly in a cast iron skillet. Mix (for a large one, serves 2-6) 6 eggs, 1 cup flour, pinch of salt, 1 cup milk, 1/2 c butter. Melt butter in your oven, mix the flour, etc, pour it into the melted butter, and go away for 30 min. When you open the oven you have this GORGEOUS inflated, puffy, luscious looking thing. sprinkle some powdered sugar on it at the table. Must be served while it's hot, and high. Like a souffle.
I made one for brunch today and while I ate it in my robe I could only imagine the warmth of that apartment and the good company of Mina Lucinda.
Here is my little attempt.

It was heavenly. I had it with peach preserves. I'm sick with a cold today and this splurge into the realm of butter, flour and eggs was worth every bite.  Make one for yourself soon.  Tomorrow I will be back to Paleo. 
Thank you Ellen.  You never know where the little suggestion of something good to eat will take you.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Interview

find it here

The company I work for is being taken over and today was the long awaited day to sit with the H.R. person and find out what my pay would be.  This is the health care field and I don't care where you stand by now we all must realize costs with Obama Care are going up. I was of course hoping against the tide for a bit more money. The proposal was for me to make an increase of 23 cents an hour.  I was telling the lovely H.R. person who seemed to be very excited to present me with this offer that it was unacceptable.  I was worth more.  I declined to sign it and it will go back with my impressive job description to be reconsidered. 
While this was playing out I was fiddling with my hair. A nervous habit of mine. Something very hard and sticky was in my hair. The H.R. person was watching me intently. 
We continued to chat while I picked the sharp stickiness out of my hair and tried to bring it to my pocket. The conversation had come to it's end and I shook H.R.'s hand and left. In the hallway I reached into my pocket and pulled out the lump. It was a bright yellow Lemon Ricola Cough Drop. It had been stuck in my hair all morning.  My grandson got into my cough drops this a.m. and must have deposited it there when he hugged me goodbye. 
Dear Universe,
The next time you send me out on a mission where I have to stand up for my rights please tell me first about the cough drop you have stuck to the side of my head. 
and here as promised a picture of me with my new glasses.

What have you been doing this week?
If I do get the 23 cents increase I will put it in here.

Mouse Bank

My Mother always told me it says something in the bible about not letting ourselves be "puffed up". Don't feel self righteous or overly important. Least you find yourself with a hard sticky lump on your head at the worst possible time. This is Universal.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Big Sad Eyes

the broken frames
The adventure of the broken glasses. I lost my best glasses. Fortunately I had an old pair (pre-cataract surgery) that kind of worked so I have been wearing them. Wore them until they broke. Skip crazy glued a new arm to the temple cause he's a really nice guy. 
I have been wearing them a couple of months now. With a generous Christmas gift I was able to go to the eye DR for an exam and new glasses. It sounde like a simple solution. Until I met this...

and then this...

and the New Eye Dr that I'd never met before....
This is how things went.

So I go in and get in the chair .. The Dr raises the chair up and I have to put my eyes up to that gizmo you look through to read the chart. Can you see this, or is this one better....the chair starts to sink. I crane my neck to try and read... I can't see it..... Okay he adjusts the chair.... can you see this or is this one better? chair slowly sinks as my neck slowly stretches up trying to see.... I think the first one is better , but I can't see...
Dr. well I don't know what's wrong. You can't see it? let me adjust the chair.... okay this one or is this one better.....
me.... chair sinking.... the first one no the second one. oh hell I can't see it. neck stretched to the limits and pushing myself up on the armrests...
Dr..... what is the problem? you can't see? 
Me... No is it the chair?
Dr.... I raised it..
Me... it's sinking.
Dr. I'll raise it again hold on... adjusts chair. OK  this one or this one?
Me... thinking I am in a Tim Conway and Carol Burnett chair sinks.....I can't seeeeeeee....
Dr..... I feel the chair brushing against my leg. 
Dr... Is it still Monday? Is it Monday again? 
Me.... laughing hysterically no it feels like Monday something is wrong with the chair I can't see.
Dr. ..gets up and walks behind the chair... Let me look at the chair....
Dr... Something smells back here....
Me.... thinking I don't smell it's not me....
Dr....there is fluid on the floor.....
Me..... ready to pee myself.....
Dr. ... Oh it really smells. Oh it's Hydraulic Fluid all over the floor. The chair is leaking Hydraulic fluid.....
Me..... doubled over crying and laughing... ,,,,
Dr.,,,, I am so sorry. It isn't you it's the chair. This must be Monday.  I'm so embarrassed really I've had this chair since 2003 and this never happened to me before.
Me... Really?  Cause things like this happen to me all the time!
We have to wait for another room to open up with an unbroken chair. so I can get my exam. 
The Dr does this whole impression of me stretching my neck saying... you just kept doing this...stretches neck...and I kept wondering what is wrong with her?
My trip to the new eye Dr's. One more week and I go back to pick up my glasses.
Sad Eyes Craning my neck
and wait for it....
Sad Eyes Lowering My Neck
When my glasses are here I will post a really nice picture. 
What have you been up to?
Thank you (you know who you are) for my new glasses.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Here's To 64

Birthdays are one day of the year when I'd really like my Mom to bake me a cake. The chocolate devils food baked in the aluminum tube pan with mocha icing smeared all over it in a thick layer. 
Miss you so much Mom.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ringing It In

Cheers to a happy new year 2015
Raising my new fav vintage glass that I thrifted on Tuesday just in time to make a toast.
The old year ended on a perfect note with the birth of my 4th grandson. He is already outgrowing his 3 month clothes having arrived at a whopping 10 pound 10.3 ounces!
Introducing Peter!
 I am glad I didn't knit anything tiny for him and I wish I had made his Fox Quilt a tad bigger. He is perfect in every way possible. He has two big brothers waiting for him to come home. 
Wishing you all a New Year of Peace, Joy and Sharing.