Sunday, April 17, 2011

Crocus in Snow

~Crocus in Snow~
Lambie in the jasmine
Sun Dress for 8" doll. Hand knit.                                                            
Abbreviations:  k - knit
                        p - purl
                        k1fb - knit 1 front and back
                        st - stitch, stitches
                        st st - stocking knit stitch
                        MC - main color
                        CC - contrast color
                        pm - place marker

I made this dress pattern  for the Fuzzy Mitten Lamb I made from Barbara Prime a favorite  designer.
Yarn Worsted 10 ply, Top down and knit-in-the-round, I-cord
Needles size 3 US  dp
Gauge 12 st 2" and 12 rows 2"
With MC cast on 12 st using just 2 needles. Leave a LONG 6' tail

Row 1-3: st st
Row 4: k
Row 5: k1,p1
Row 6: p1, k1 (seed st)
Row 7: k1,p1
Row 8: p1, k1
Row 9: k1, p1
Row 10: p
Row 11: k12
Row 12: p 12
Row 13: cast on 24 st at beginning of row. k dividing between 3 dp needles 12 st each
Row 14: k joining in-the-round being careful not to twist and  pm at end
Row 15: k1,k1fb
Row 16-18: k
Row 19: p
Row 20: k4, k1fb
Row 21: k
Row 22: p
Row 23-29 k
Row 30: change to CC and k
Row 31: p
Row 32:  k4, k1fb
Row 33: k1, k1fb
Row 34-37: change to white and k
Row 38: p
Row 39 bind off all st leaving long tail for hemming.

Neck strap:
Pick up 3 st top side of bib and using long tail k a 3 st I-cord long enough to go around the neck of your doll and attach to opposite side of bib.  Mine was 4" . With tapestry needle slip yarn back through the 3 st and pull tight to secure. Sew to corner. It will have enough give to slip over doll's head. Or make loop and fasten with a button (when age appropriate).
Finishing Hem:
Fold hem under at p edge and slip st in place with the long tail. This will keep it from rolling.  Weave in all ends.
Mary finds Lambie a bit annoying!
~This Pattern is free for your personal use only please~

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ruby's Swirly Skirt

Yarn Cotton:  Lily Sugar'n Cream Ombres & Prints 1 skein  
Gauge 4 st to 1 "
Needles: circular size 8 US, and size 6 dp
Knit in the round
Cast on 52 stitches or amount you need to fit snug around waist of your doll.
Rows 1-3:  K2, P2
Row 4:  K
Row 5: K4, K1fb, end K2
Row 6: K5, K1fb, end K2
Row 7-10: K
Row 11: K6, K1fb, end K2
Rows  12-16: K
Row 17: K2, K1fb  (start of ruffle)
Row 18: K
Rows  19-20: P
Row 21: K1, K1fb
Rows  22-23:  K
Row 24: P
Row 25: Bind off purl wise using size 6 needle as your working needle for a nice tight hem.

~If needed you can run an elastic through top of waist or a string tie. Ruby was plump enough not to need help holding up her skirt.