Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rusty Metal Box

There I go again. Snapping up the rusty metal box on the garage shelf at the estate sale.  Everyone else has passed it by.  I see it and my heart actually leaps.  It is rusty metal. It is the softest shade of green. It is perfect.

My collection of ribbons that I use for wrapping up my Etsy packages fit perfectly.
The ribbons have turned a rusty beaten metal fishing box into a delightful storage container for silky elegance.
Rust and metal and ribbon.  The perfect combination.  It is in my Etsy shop of course! here


Friday, July 12, 2013

I Dig Vintage Gardens

Mom's Welding Guy!
I did a little planting and of course some hunting for more vintage garden inspirations.
some succulents and pots

such cute little puffy plump plants
I found these tiny little plants at the store and a big bag of potting soil.  I took the plants out of their plastic pots and split them up some by gently prying them apart with my fingers.
tiny little succulents
Mr. Snail looks interested in my project

I searched the house for more dishes

Vintage Swan Planter from Old Vintage Goodies

I love this vintage swan planter and think it would be beautiful in a table top garden. It is from Old Vintage Goodies on Etsy here

All my little pots
Mr. Snail's garden view.

One thing I need is a little watering device so I can get just the tiny amount of water needed by succulents into their sweet little pots from time to time.
Vintage Small Plastic Watering Can
At HoardersShop on Etsy here

And I don't know how to resist this adorable little Copper shovel brooch.
Copper Shovel Gardeners Brooch  from Marybethhale
The tiny little brooch is from Etsy here

While searching on Etsy and around my own home for inspiration I fell in love all over again with some of my own garden treasures.

Mom's welding Sculpture #1

Mom's Sandwich Glass Mobile

Mom's Welding sculpture #2

My high school art class sculpture 
DottieDigsVintage Gardening Book

What ever your style there is sure to be plenty of inspiration on Etsy and around your own home in your collections to get you going on a small garden.
 Get digging!
Anne/ WeeLambieVintage

Friday, July 5, 2013

Digging For The Garden

I made a vow that I would work on my garden this weekend.  This morning I spent about thirty minutes in my actual garden looking at weeds and spritzing them with white vinegar.  I hope by morning to just be able to cover them up with new mulch.  Then as I was already worn out from the effort I went thrift shopping.

My dining table covered again!

I found some adorable garden containers. I love the little California Pottery snail.  I think my garden might become a miniature container garden.  Some sweet little succulents would look good poking out of that snail. 
I need to go to the plant store.
Plants I am thinking about

I will let you know how this turns out!
If you wanted some instant gorgeous gardening done for you check out this creative etsy shop.

 Williams Grove @ Etsy Williams Grove They have really lovely containers and plants all set to go.

At ElmPlace on Etsy there is a great cast iron plant container. I love how rustic and traditional it looks. 

ElmPlace located here @ ElmPlace

For more whimsy take a look at these britches!
 Aren't they fun? You can find them in ThriftCore @ ThriftCore
Last but not least for more magic and fun look at these little miniature fairy garden whimsy's...

they come in lots of colors and variety's from Ozarkmountainmagic @Ozarkmountainmagic

I can't wait to explore more of these shops and to start my own magical little snail garden. I will keep you posted.
Anne / WeeLambieVintage

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Digging for Treasure

In the spring in New England as the ground thaws and the ice melts magic happens. Myriad treasures start poking their way up out of the rich leaf and granite strewn earth.  I don't just mean the tender ferns or the bold daffodils. Vintage treasures appear.  It was not uncommon to walk between the green briers and over the stone wall in my backyard woods and find old rusty graniteware gleaming in the shaft of sunlight filtered down through the tall oaks and pines. 
Graniteware Blue and White Swirl available here
 My mother said these old metal dish pans, pitchers and buckets had been tossed out by her mother and other earlier woman who had lived in her childhood farmhouse. Bits and pieces of badly worn and often mended housewares that no longer had a useful purpose discarded to the old dump heaps in the woods and edges of fields now grown over. 
My Mother's Childhood Home Scituate, MA
Today I am lucky to still find treasures in the thrift shops, tag sales and estate sales that I haunt. How I would love to time travel back to those woods of my childhood and do some pickin there.
The Edge of The Woods
Scituate, MA
  I reach back in my memory to some of the places I loved to dig. Finding kitchen and farm tools, bits and pieces of broken bisque dolls, blue china dishes sometimes even coins. Lincoln pennies, Buffalo nickels, glass medicine bottles filled with dirt and twigs and moss grown thick around them.  My brothers found arrow heads. I always looked but never did find one of those. We played with these things.  Outfitting the tree houses and forts where our childhoods played themselves out. I guess I was born to dig for treasure.  I sure do love it.

I content myself with my memories and search on Etsy for treasures to share with you. Rusty dusty treasure found in the abandoned farms, corners of thrift shops, backs of yard sales...take a look.

Medicine Bottles from vickiesvintageporch on etsy here

Metal Flower Frogs from BlondiesVintage on Etsy here

Rusty Lantern from APapersPast on Etsy here

Galvanized Watering Can from UniqueChicAndRustics on Etsy Here
Vintage Rusty Fry Pan from NanNasThings  on Etsy here

I'd have fun finding any of these and gladly grab them, stow them in the back of my car and scurry home with them.  When I get home with a car load of goodies like this they all go into a heap on the dining room table.  There I sort them out and stand back looking at them with pride.  I vow once a week to get the top of that old dining room table cleared off and polished.... just to fill it up again with the next weekends diggings of treasure.
Thanks to my friends on the Rust Dusty Treasury Team at Etsy for display of their pictures and promotion of their lovely shops.  

Anne/ WeeLambieVintage here