Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blue Alchemy

September Blues
I love blue and I love to make fingerless gloves.  Right now I have an Etsy order for 6 pairs of fingerless gloves for kids of various sizes.  They are a snap to make and it is so much fun to decorate them.
I find lots of inspiration on Etsy.
Here is my Blue Alchemy treasury of some favorite Etsy items.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I live far from NYC and never saw the World Trade Center.  I live in a small friendly town perched on the sun washed shores of the Gulf of Mexico in Venice, FL.  It is here in this little village that the terrorists trained to hone their horrible flying skills into the deadly craft that brought horrific death and destruction to thousands of innocent people in the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and on the flight that nose dived into a peaceful field in Pennsylvania.  I watched it  unfold like countless others in horror on the news broadcast.  I was standing in the front lobby on my office building face to the TV as the second plane hit.
I can only pray.  I pray and thank God for the people in my life that would run into those buildings to save others.  For the firemen I know.  Jeff Olver and John Curry I pray for your safety in this crazy world.  I pray for the soldiers in my life.  Chuck Arnold, and for my niece Kelly's husband, for Dave Charbonneau my friend's son and my husband Skip.  I pray for those who stand in Peace and would give their life in resistance my brother Chip, my old friends Barry Katz, and Nat Shed.  I pray for the lives that were lost that day. I surprisingly had so many connections to them.  Patients of mine who lost sons, co-workers who lost cousins and who witnessed it first hand.  Friends who had flights grounded and flew in fear and confusion to the nearest airports to land in uncertainty.
I pray for my little town of Venice for it's lost innocence that day.  How did we harbor and train these killers.  How did they live amongst us for over two years and not see that we are a good nation and a good community?  I have no answer.
I pray for the children and families of those lost that day that they grow in peace.  
 Patriots Park Venice FL

Steel Beam From the Towers
Venice, FL