Saturday, September 7, 2013

Who Is That?

Anyone who takes photographs seriously knows how hard it is to keep. out. of. the. picture.
I have been doing a lot of Etsy listings and Etsy Photos lately.

I hate it when things jump into the frame that don't belong there.

Exactly ! Twist and turn all you want you're in the shot. SHOOT.

Get your silly self out of the shot and suddenly the ceiling and the back yard are volleying for exposure on primetime.

I settled for the backyard and cropped it like Edward Scissor Hands.
vintage mirror

What to do with the back ground is just as tough. Most of my photos are taken on the lanai. The light is pretty good out there. I use a huge section of white vinyl for my back drop. It is easy to lighten and makes the photos clean. Etsy seems to just love white back drops.
My preference is rustic.  So I venture out and take pictures on the back yard fence.
Backyard Fence.
Mr Weelambie made me a shelf on the fence. He painted it white to please Etsy.  That is where some things get their mug shots.

Narrow Shelf on the Fence

My shabby little step ladder is another possibility.  The problem with it is what will show up in the frame behind it.

Step Ladder
vintage bottles
Today I found some old weathered boards at an abandoned gas station in town. I am loving the look they offer and the large level area to set things up.  I put them on the lanai. 

Old wooden boards Liniment Bottle

This photo better shows how large this area is, at least 4 feet.

Unedited photo on wooden backdrop
Meanwhile back inside the house. Angie was watching Animal Planet.

My Sweet Dog Angie

We are now having our evening monsoon and thunder concert so I am finishing this .  I hope I don't get in trouble for making those abandoned boards mine.  Fingers Crossed.



barnfly said...

Great Post! Loved the photo ideas, thank you.

No worries, I'll bail you out.

Araignee said...

It is surprisingly hard to take good photos. Yours always look so professional-now I know why!

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

thanks guys,
I wonder if they let you knit in jail?

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I am so with you on this! Great post! I jump from room to room on dreary days when my end of the bed by the window doesn't work!

kathy b said...

Haha I bet your safe ...abandoned boards anonymous won't find you! And Yes I dont like it when thing jump into my pictures either!

Debra TheInspiredTrader said...

Blast those mirrors and shiny, reflective objects...and yet they are the ones that call my name every time! Great post!

reveriefrance said...

You'd probably have to finger knit in jail. For certain they would take away the needles from somebody as clever as you. Even at that, they probaby wouldn't figure out you were knitting a rope ladder to escape until it's too late!