Sunday, May 26, 2013

3 Day Weekends

Have been under the weather this week. My eyes are still not healed completely from cataract surgery. I am having a rebound effect from coming off the steroid drops and the treatment is to go back on them for four more weeks. Haven't felt much like blogging. 
Here are some things I am working on though.

I decorated flip flops.

If I perfect this skill I will be able to decorate a bride pair for my daughter's spring beach wedding.  Need lots of practice. My lovely new neighbor showed me and some other women how to make these at a get acquainted coffee/craft hour yesterday morning. 
DIY ~ The trick is to glue or sew seam binding around the thong.  Then you can hot glue what ever you want to the fabric.   

I went thrift shopping.  
Love this collection of vintage frames. They will be going in my shop as I have no place left to display anything in my home.  In fact I think I should sell everything and go minimalist at home.  Less to clean.  I do love all my shabby stuff and still can't bring myself to part with most of it.

Had a long time today to concentrate on photographing items for my Etsy shop.  The sunlight on the lanai was good and it wasn't to hot outside. 
It is always fun setting things up for pictures. 

Tomorrow is my third day off in a row. It feels like heaven to have some time off and be able to stay home and get things like these pictures accomplished. 
What are you working on?


dianne said...

love making something with a glue gun. I hope you are all better soon. love

Araignee said...

Daddio had both eyes done recently and it has been a very long and slow recovery for him. I had no idea that this could be as difficult as it has been. Hope you feel better soon!

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

So sorry Daddio is also having trouble recovering. I had no idea either and it is NO FUN. He must be in the same holding pattern as I am no new glasses until all better. Fortunately I only need them for close up and I found an old rx in my junk drawer that are working half way decent.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Like me, even surgery can't keep you down! You go girl and keep creating! I hope this week finds you feeling a lot better!