Saturday, September 6, 2014

My Whole30 Continues

My Whole90 a 63 year old Gramma on the Mend.
Over the course of the last 4 months I have completed a Whole30 and continued it into a Whole90.  Ninty days of eating as explained in the best selling book It Starts With Food
In August (the 4th month) I reintroduced dairy and have not had any problem with it.  My segue into adding grains (brown rice and then wheat) was not as successful resulting in a feeling of having a stone in my stomach.  My free fall into a sugar/chocolate experiment resulted in full on misery. One escapade with the vile sugar left me with a migraine headache and becoming one with the bathroom as I swore never again.  I have been taking it slow and steady.  Panic hit when I wanted to try and eat some sugar.  I decided I had to try it and I learned an important lesson. This Whole30 experience and the reintroduction of food groups clearly shows me what my body needs to feel good.  Real healthy proteins, Whole 30 vegetables, healthy fats and oils, water. 

September 2nd I started a new Whole30.  I have come along way and feel much better. My blood pressure is lower. My arthritis and joint pain is no longer keeping me from being active. I have a long way to go. I learned I wasn't ready to stop Whole30 eating.  The reintroduction of foods had hit me on the head with how badly I need to keep doing this. I read the The Conservative Reintroduction by Melissa Hartwig and found some sound advise. Go slow do what works for me.
These little guys need their Gramma. 

The park in Florida in summer is one hot place, but this Gramma pushed her grandkids on the swings, took them home made their dinner, played, gave baths, and got them to bed.  
~ Anne~


J ekrdoodle said...

Good to see you getting healthy in a happy way! Enjoy those kiddos!!

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

thanks Judi!

Araignee said...

Those are beautiful photographs of the Grands.
Hearing your progress with the diet is very interesting. I've given up lots of things but never sugar or grains. Hmmm.....

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

You look wonderful!!