Sunday, October 12, 2014

Saving Vintage Memories

I went to an Estate sale on Casey Key, FL a couple of weeks ago.  It was in a mid century ranch over looking the Gulf of Mexico.  There are not many of these old homes left.  They have been bulldozed to make way for a plethora of mega mansions. In the home I found some treasures.  When I look through another's belongings it is often with a feeling of awe as I know I am looking at a lifetime of memories and history.
I found these tiny antique baby shoes.
Antique Baby Shoes from WeeLambieVintage

They had been saved and treasured by the owner of this home for decades.  I found them on the dresser.  So sweet they make me want to weep. I have photographed them here with a keepsake of my own.  The little plaster angel was my Mother's.  She hung it over her dresser next to her mirror for decades and now I keep it in my room.
Of course we can't save everything, but history is saving, remembering and sharing what we can.

How cherished these delicate celluloid baby rattles were to have been saved unbroken.
Antique Baby Rattles from WhimzyThyme
They would make a wonderful memento and decor for a new baby's nursery.  Sitting in a shadow box with some personnel photos a charming display piece could be created.

I was happy to learn that the little ranch house over looking the Gulf of Mexico would not be knocked down by the wrecking ball, but instead will be refurbished and kept as a guest cottage for the home behind it.  I walked away from that little sanctuary holding those darling white leather baby booties smiling to know the little cottage would remain.

Saving and collecting vintage and antiques is rewarding on many levels.
What will you save?
WeeLambie/ Anne