Sunday, April 29, 2012

Baby Showers in May

Planning a baby shower for the new little boy that will be arriving in June.
His due date is my mom's 100th birthday 6/20/12.  I am sure she has had a hand in that arrangement.  Thanks Mom your always watching over us.
 Haven't thrown a party in a long time...let's see if I can pull this off.  Having it at daughter's house!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cadet Hat Topi

I don't look good in hats. This one is lots of fun to make though and yes I know I need to block it. My cataracts are lit up like high beams here.
Cadet Hat
I  really made this hat with my daughter in law in mind. She looks great in hats and she likes brims that keep the snow and rain off her glasses.
Topi with buttons
Topi brim
I will make this again and use wool. This was Vanna's Choice. It came out to big. I had to run a round of crochet around the bottom edge to pull it in snug.  Next time... wool and go down to a size 6 needle. Or go up a needle...wool and felt it a bit....hmmmm....knitting is always all about the endless mire of possibilities !

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Vintage OCD

I have always had lots of vintage around and at various seasons in my life I have unloaded some of it at tag sales, thrift shops, church rummage sales and even auctions.  How I wish I could have it all back with a big attic to store it in. I wouldn't be allergic to dust and my knees wouldn't pain me as I climbed the stairs every day to rummage in my attic.  I'd have a comfortable old chair up there to sit in and just enough light coming in a little eyebrow window and from a hanging bulb to read. If anyone asked me for anything I'd say, "oh let's go look for it together I think I know just where it is..." That is not my reality though just a favorite dream. 
My reality is I enjoy finding new homes for things, giving things away, selling them, hunting for them, putting them into collections. 
Today was a day to  hunt and sort into collections.
I found one green wooden handled melon baller at an estate sale this am. 
green collection

That find led to two more thrift stores where I came up with lots of vintage tin and copper cookie cutters and decorative tins. When I got home I had so much fun sorting through all I'd found and making them into little vignettes and collections to sell in my etsy vintage shop.
pink collection
yellow collection
There were sweet little restaurant ware salt and peppers that made their way into two collections and a very strange and interesting collection of measuring spoons that landed in the pink collection. 
Then I couldn't resist this Industrial lunch box.  My dad carried a black one like this to work for over 35 years.
dad's lunchbox 
 It was fun seeing how my lunch would fit in there. Lots of room it works out.
my lunch
 A friend on my favorite Etsy vintage team made a beautiful wedding treasury today and I am featuring it up there on the right side. 
Anne April 14th 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ice Cream

I needed to try and take better pictures of my vintage ice cream scoop and perfect ice cream bowl.
ummm perfect scoops 

strawberry ice cream 

blue scoop

white China bowl

the perfect temperature 
Looks to me like they came out a little dark.  I may have to try this experiment again and again...
yes I ate all the ice cream...
Anne Easter Weekend 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

Owls go Hoot

I got a chance to do some knitting this weekend. This little blue owl hat...
The world is a funny place. Today I mailed a vintage slip to Japan for 30cents less than I mailed a knitted snake to Boston...
After 3 days with a sinus headache I felt good enough to mop the floors.  Hurray. It has been a good day.