Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Dandelion Hat

I  got a beautiful picture of my Spring Dandelion Hat.  Thanks so much to Wicked Shots Photography ~
I love how this turned out and this little baby girl looks so precious.  Making this hat design was a joy.  I had an idea in mind for a photo prop hat that would use a dandelion hat that I had been working on.  I just started making leaves and I cord vines until I was happy with the results.  
spring 2012

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Vintage Finds

The thrill of the hunt. 
I am not a morning person.  To be really good at finding vintage at tag sales you need to get up early and get moving.  I tried hard to do that today.  Let's just say I made it to the tag sale.  Since it was in a mobile home park here in Venice the sale was huge and there was plenty to look at even for late arrivals like me.  
ceramic shoe planter
I love the pale minty green of this little shoe.
yellow F.T.D.A.planter
and the buttery yellow of this planter.
The blue leather on this Buxton wallet reminds me of springtime. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Carte de Visite

little boy with his drum

darling little sisters
In the 1860's photography took a modern turn when small albumin print photos were made as cards to easily mail or pass out. Especially popular during the Civil War as they were easily mailed to loved ones.  Cardomania was born. 
Knitting and Reading

I love these little sepia cards. I have stacks to catalog and go through. Many are of my relatives and destined for my nieces, nephews and children to divvy them up.  And some of people long gone and unknown will go into Etsy to bring joy to others with cardomania and a love of ephemera. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Excuse Me Your Slip is Showing

When I was a girl I wore a slip every day to school.  The morning ritual was get up brush your teeth, put your undergarments on!  There were lots of undergarments in those days.  When I was older late teens early twenties it was get up, burn your bra! 
On my bulletin board at work I have a Maxine cartoon that reads, " my favorite bra is a sweatshirt..."  That pretty much sums things up for me these days.
Nostalgia and love of vintage now brings me back to wanting to run my hands through piles of silky lingerie.
The Vintage Lingerie Department is beginning to take shape in my  shop.  
White Cotton full slip eyelet lace trim
simply sweet cotton
blush cream Vanity Fair
lace affair
Pure White Silky Sexy Simplicity 
One of my favorite things to say in an elevator to complete strangers when the elevator comes to a stop and the doors begin to open is, "ladies bras and girdles 3rd floor..." makes them laugh every time.  I am such a dork.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A boy

for a boy
a moment
of wonder
and waiting

my boy
for time
a chance

relinquish the wish
to God.

Anne 3/7/12

Monday, March 5, 2012

Tiny Magical Gardens to Visit

Want to visit a garden?  Meet new friends? Take a nap in a hollow log? Eat carrots on the fresh moss?  You do! Then follow me to the most enchanting Etsy shop 


Natural homes for Birds, Toads, Fairies and Gnomes


Let me know you have visited and just how irresistible the little Chickadee is!

It is crazy Monday. I have worked, ironed linens for my Vintage shop ( I don't even own an ironing board ...) made dinner, fixed the lap top so I could log on, and I am now finishing a baby bear hat.  
I have a celebration too.   One of my Vintage shop items made the front page of Etsy the other day.  I was very excited when I heard that from my friends on my Etsy team Integrity Vintage Team. 
Here is my ray of sunshine for the day.

My adorable granddaughter captured in a moment of enjoying the feeling of sunshine on her face.
If you haven't had enough of enchantment yet then please also visit this blog for some pure homemade happiness:  and enter the contest to win one of the lovely items from   Willodel Shop!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vintage Cards Vintage Mom

I spent most of today going through the family boxes. Things my mother lovingly kept. Ephemera from generations.  I do not have her organizational skills and I am afraid after I am gone these things will be scattered to the four winds. 
Among the photos, letters, old books, diplomas, family memorabilia I found two cards that my mother designed in the 1930's.
My mom was an artist and went to Massachusetts College of Art. The Museum School. She graduated in the 30's and one of her first jobs was for a card studio in Boston. She said she hated the job.  I always thought it was very romantic, but the deadlines, horrible pay and the conformity to having to draw what 'they' wanted was enough to make her loath it.  Here are her two remaining cards. The first a Christmas Card.
English Setter

Water color greeting card the butterfly is on a tab and moves up and down

Inside left of card

back of the card
 The water color is especially lovely as the butterfly is movable.  On a little tab it lifts up and down.
Barbara C. Arnold
art student 1930
Massachusetts College of Art
Museum School
Boston MA
 My beautiful talented mother as a young girl in Boston.  She was truly a student of art all her life.  The gift of life she gave me and the gift of seeing the richness of life in so many ways was her best gift of  all.  
These Vintage cards are headed to Georgia to be with one of her granddaughters. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dog Gone Knitting

It was bound to happen sooner or later...
Hand Knit Dog Sweater
the pattern is free :   I made size medium and it is too big for the intended.  I knit LARGE and will have to go down a size and probably a needle size as well.  Very cute easy knit.  I used Caron's Simply Soft blueberry.
Goofy Pup
Goofy loves sitting on the fence in the sunshine.  

Friday, March 2, 2012

Update Venice

I have been busy with snow birds for the last two weeks.  Coming home from work too tired to do much more than a little bit of knitting and hearts and faves on my two Etsy shops.
My good friend at work our Nurse Practitioner has adorable kids and they have become my latest fingerless mitts models. Camo yarn is unlovely but to a boy it is magic and on a boy it is adorable.  Take a look.
Kai wearing Camo

Oh how cute is Camo now?
next up will be pink camo for his sister and mom!