Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vintage Cards Vintage Mom

I spent most of today going through the family boxes. Things my mother lovingly kept. Ephemera from generations.  I do not have her organizational skills and I am afraid after I am gone these things will be scattered to the four winds. 
Among the photos, letters, old books, diplomas, family memorabilia I found two cards that my mother designed in the 1930's.
My mom was an artist and went to Massachusetts College of Art. The Museum School. She graduated in the 30's and one of her first jobs was for a card studio in Boston. She said she hated the job.  I always thought it was very romantic, but the deadlines, horrible pay and the conformity to having to draw what 'they' wanted was enough to make her loath it.  Here are her two remaining cards. The first a Christmas Card.
English Setter

Water color greeting card the butterfly is on a tab and moves up and down

Inside left of card

back of the card
 The water color is especially lovely as the butterfly is movable.  On a little tab it lifts up and down.
Barbara C. Arnold
art student 1930
Massachusetts College of Art
Museum School
Boston MA
 My beautiful talented mother as a young girl in Boston.  She was truly a student of art all her life.  The gift of life she gave me and the gift of seeing the richness of life in so many ways was her best gift of  all.  
These Vintage cards are headed to Georgia to be with one of her granddaughters. 


in the kitchen with aunt emilie said...

Anne ~ The cards are beautiful. Your Mother was obviously very talented.

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

Thanks Auntie Em
she really was and she taught art for many many years too.

Gini said...

How wonderful that you have preserved so many things. I regret not taking the time to go through more things when my parents sold their house so many years ago. At the time, I was young and looking to make a home of my own with all new things. Ah if I could just have that time back and know what I know now.

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

Gini, It was my Mum who preserved things! I am always loosing things. I wish I had her ability to keep track of and take care of things. Your Mom and Dad had awesome mid century modern stuff I remember!!