Sunday, March 11, 2012

Excuse Me Your Slip is Showing

When I was a girl I wore a slip every day to school.  The morning ritual was get up brush your teeth, put your undergarments on!  There were lots of undergarments in those days.  When I was older late teens early twenties it was get up, burn your bra! 
On my bulletin board at work I have a Maxine cartoon that reads, " my favorite bra is a sweatshirt..."  That pretty much sums things up for me these days.
Nostalgia and love of vintage now brings me back to wanting to run my hands through piles of silky lingerie.
The Vintage Lingerie Department is beginning to take shape in my  shop.  
White Cotton full slip eyelet lace trim
simply sweet cotton
blush cream Vanity Fair
lace affair
Pure White Silky Sexy Simplicity 
One of my favorite things to say in an elevator to complete strangers when the elevator comes to a stop and the doors begin to open is, "ladies bras and girdles 3rd floor..." makes them laugh every time.  I am such a dork.


Tak said...

Beautiful lingerie! Maxine tells it like it is! I'm a follower now!

SuziesImaginarium said...

I love these slips! They are so pretty, you can just see how nice they are to touch! I am your newest follower from the PCF Team

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