Monday, March 5, 2012

Tiny Magical Gardens to Visit

Want to visit a garden?  Meet new friends? Take a nap in a hollow log? Eat carrots on the fresh moss?  You do! Then follow me to the most enchanting Etsy shop 


Natural homes for Birds, Toads, Fairies and Gnomes


Let me know you have visited and just how irresistible the little Chickadee is!

It is crazy Monday. I have worked, ironed linens for my Vintage shop ( I don't even own an ironing board ...) made dinner, fixed the lap top so I could log on, and I am now finishing a baby bear hat.  
I have a celebration too.   One of my Vintage shop items made the front page of Etsy the other day.  I was very excited when I heard that from my friends on my Etsy team Integrity Vintage Team. 
Here is my ray of sunshine for the day.

My adorable granddaughter captured in a moment of enjoying the feeling of sunshine on her face.
If you haven't had enough of enchantment yet then please also visit this blog for some pure homemade happiness:  and enter the contest to win one of the lovely items from   Willodel Shop!