Sunday, September 28, 2014

Vintage Harvest Kitchen

If you lived with me you would know it was fall when you heard me banging around in the kitchen.
The new apples are in and the cool mornings and early evenings just beg for a pot roast or casserole.

 It's time to search for cherished heirloom recipes in Grandmother's recipe box.
Oak Recipe Box and Hand written recipes from WeeLambieVintage
 I have always loved this time of year. Every year I make the turkey and stuffing the way my Mother taught me.  It is one way I pass traditions on to my children.
Ironstone Turkey Platter from Untried
This vintage Ironstone Turkey Platter is large, strong and gorgeous.  Surely it would become a treasured possession and one the children would love to see carried to your table.

~My recipe for stuffing is made with 2 loaves of day old bakery bread cubed, 1 stick (or more) of melted butter, one medium chopped onion, 6 ribs celery with leaves chopped. Lots of fresh chopped sage and a heaping tablespoon of dried Bell's Poultry Seasonings.  Saute the vegetables in butter. Mix butter and veggies into cubed bread with the seasonings *. Ad kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste. Add hot milk 2 Cups more or less, enough to make the whole batch of stuffing stick together slightly.  Lightly stuff the cavity of your seasoned bird.  Extra stuffing goes in a buttered casserole dish and bakes til crispy on the top. * Chopped roast chestnuts, golden raisins, diced tart apples are sometimes added ~

Set a pretty table. Let the children hunt for fall leaves to fill an heirloom basket. Make something simple extraordinary with a Native American Indian Basket.  
Native American Winnowing Basket from lakesidecottage

Use some special handmade touches. 
Autumn Leaves Mug Mats by QuiltShenanigans
 Whatever your traditions are for the seasons ahead make them playful and fun. Mix and match. Relax and enjoy.
Fall Leaf Photograph from NewEnglandReflections

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Boho Fall From Etsy Shops

The rust, copper, reds, blues and amber of fall makes me go Boho.
Pulling on cozy jeans first thing in the morning. Wearing a pair of hand knit wool socks and biting into crisp apples from the new crop.
The Boho Fashions of Fall.
Yummy red fringed bohemian scarf.
Fringed Scarf from peggytrue

Wear a chunky Boho belt buckle over a loose soft tunic with your skinny jeans.
Vintage Tiger Eye Belt Buckle from WhimzyThyme
Slip on a pair of hand crafted maple leaf red Boho earrings.

Red teardrop earrings from LaughingDogStudio
Dangle a Boho bangle bracelet in rich brass.
Brass Bangle Bracelet from WeeLambieVintage

Wear hand knit lush colorful wool socks for cozy fall feet.

Colorful hand knit wool socks by LizSox

Go Bohemian and wear your fall colors with handmade and vintage items from Etsy shops.  Enjoy the clear fall days by taking a hike in the woods with your dog and eating fresh goodness from local farm stands and apple orchards. Take me apple picking will you?


Saturday, September 6, 2014

My Whole30 Continues

My Whole90 a 63 year old Gramma on the Mend.
Over the course of the last 4 months I have completed a Whole30 and continued it into a Whole90.  Ninty days of eating as explained in the best selling book It Starts With Food
In August (the 4th month) I reintroduced dairy and have not had any problem with it.  My segue into adding grains (brown rice and then wheat) was not as successful resulting in a feeling of having a stone in my stomach.  My free fall into a sugar/chocolate experiment resulted in full on misery. One escapade with the vile sugar left me with a migraine headache and becoming one with the bathroom as I swore never again.  I have been taking it slow and steady.  Panic hit when I wanted to try and eat some sugar.  I decided I had to try it and I learned an important lesson. This Whole30 experience and the reintroduction of food groups clearly shows me what my body needs to feel good.  Real healthy proteins, Whole 30 vegetables, healthy fats and oils, water. 

September 2nd I started a new Whole30.  I have come along way and feel much better. My blood pressure is lower. My arthritis and joint pain is no longer keeping me from being active. I have a long way to go. I learned I wasn't ready to stop Whole30 eating.  The reintroduction of foods had hit me on the head with how badly I need to keep doing this. I read the The Conservative Reintroduction by Melissa Hartwig and found some sound advise. Go slow do what works for me.
These little guys need their Gramma. 

The park in Florida in summer is one hot place, but this Gramma pushed her grandkids on the swings, took them home made their dinner, played, gave baths, and got them to bed.  
~ Anne~