Monday, September 23, 2013

What Is A Firkin ?

So what's a firkin anyway?
I found a great looking wooden bucket with a cover when I was out thrifting the other day. I researched my find as I always do prior to listing it.  
Turns out it is a firkin.


According to Merriam Webster a firkin is: 
1. a small wooden vessel or cask.
2. any of various British units of capacity usually equal to 1/4 barrel.
The first being used to store items in the pantry like sugar. 
The second definition being far more popular with beer drinkers.
my ... firkin

Now if someone would help me find out what this is.  It has been in my families possession for generations. I have no idea what it is.  

My ancestors built wooden boats.  So what is this relic?  I want to think if it isn't an actual tool of some kind that it is a toy.  I imagine a little boy watching his father working in his boat shop and making this small toy to occupy himself.  The nails are hammered in at odd angles and bent over.  I plan to keep this for future befuddled generations.
What do you think?


dianne said...

my mom had a firkin, didn't know then that's what it was called, she kept darning supplies in it, big needles, yarn, a wood darner. yes, my mom darned socks.

kathy b said...

#1 I love your Firkin. PErfect for yarn
#2 I will ask Fireman about this cool thing and he'll know I'm sure

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I think that wooden thing looks like a play "horse" a little boy can sit on and pretend. Can't tell the size of it so maybe I am way off!

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

AnnMarie, It is only about six inches in length ;)

Araignee said...

Lovely firkin. I have never seen one but wouldn't they be useful!