Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Perfect Place to Knit

Today I found the perfect spot!!
I remember loving winter and I miss the pretty snow, skiing, ice skating, walks in the middle of the road late at night after a snow fall.  This weekend with Thanksgiving behind me and a week of getting used to having shingles I was happy to be here in Florida.  I live on the SW Gulf Coast.  It is a small town and really truly a beautiful area.  Not New England Cape Cod beautiful. Not Coast of Maine beautiful.  Not Green Mountain State Park, VT beautiful. Not Blue Ridge Mountains beautiful....all of them places I'd rather be...but it is peaceful and there is the Gulf and on a day like today in the 70's with a trade breeze I'll take it. Thanks to God for knowing where I need to live even when I differ. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Kid Mohair Mobius

I squeezed just enough time out of Thanksgiving to use my first mohair yarn!
modeled by daughter Amy
Had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Ate just enough and then had more.  I don't have to worry any more about the pumpkin bread that Amy baked because I polished it off in the middle of the night!  
Amy and Micah and daughter Mya have announced that Mya is going to be a big sister in June!  Very exciting news for all of us.
and here follows a rap up report on baby Eden's birth.  Eden made her way into this world very quickly at home... while her parent's and big sister were trying to leave to go to the hospital.  You can  read their story here.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I have been very fortunate to have one of my owl hats used as a photo prop by this amazing photographer.
Thanks to Wicked Shots Photography for taking such perfect photo's   
and isn't this little man handsome with his big beautiful blue eyes... Thanks to his mom Heather for sharing.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My First Art Yarn

My First Art Yarn and it is Amazing the difference!
This yarn is so soft, the colors are so beautiful and I could eat each ball with a silver spoon our of a crystal berry dish...
I found these on clearance on line at  It just arrived in the mail. Very fast shipping. Webs is located in my home state of Massachusetts and that makes it even better!  
I plan to make super squishy soft cowls out of these specialty yarns.
my first alpaca 
my first mohair yeah!!!!!  I am so happy to have treated myself, but afraid I may now be spoiled.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Giraffe Part 5 The Finishing of friendly giraffe

Today Mr Giraffe awoke from his good sleep in the infirmary.  Last evening but a dim memory of  his harrowing plastic surgery.  He was thrilled to hop into the car and drive off to his new position at the cardiac center. His excitement was evident as he gazed with curiosity out the car windows.
At work he made friends with a lovely girl named Raggedy Ann and he listened carefully to heart beats with his shiny new stethoscope.  
It was along day and Mr Giraffe was happy to be home in time to relax in the Florida sunshine in the back yard.  It was a good day to be a giraffe in Florida.

first car ride

enjoying the sites 

hard at work
making friends at the office
relaxing in the Florida sunshine
perfect end to the day dozing under a FL palm tree in the sunshine 
Many thanks and all the credit too  for this wonderful giraffe design go to Susan B. Anderson and her book itty-bitty toys  
I love this book and have learned so much about the fine craft of creating life where there was only a hank of playful joyful yarn.  Thank you Susan.

Giraffe Part 4

To say you whip stitch the pieces together just doesn't begin to cover how to bring Mr Giraffe alive.  Susan B. Anderson's pattern from her book Itty Bitty Toys is very clear and well written and the results when followed are astoundingly fun and fruitful.   
That said ~whip stitching~ needs a little more description.  Sure everyone knows the basic whip stitch...but this is an animal!
whip stitching 
I did whip stitch all the many pieces together. The four legs, two horns, tail, ears, spots and mane  were all brought together via whip stitch.  
The head was attached with whip stitch.  Mr Giraffe was able to sit up upon his new limbs and he chose the keyboard of my lap top for his very first perch. He must have heard how much I spent this week for technical support fixing the darn thing.
his spots and tail 
Eight funky spots where carefully placed and whip stitched to his back following the instructions which said basically "look at the picture" and get busy.  His little horns and tail are on as well as a couple of the  many pom-poms.  All of this brings me back to basic whip stitch and what I like to call....

plastic surgery
doing plastic surgery.  I got out more sunflower yarn and went over all my attachments with carefully placed 'sutures' after all I don't want scars, loose limbs or dangling horns and tails.  Around and around I went with the care of a neuro surgeon grafting nerve endings.  Nothing is coming loose on this dear Giraffe. Nothing will show a scar.  He is now fully sewn and resting in recovery.  Tomorrow will be the big day, out door photo shoot and presentation to his new owner.  
He still needs a handsome name... I am thinking William or possibly Harrison. 
A good night's sleep in the infirmary will make the hard day of surgery fade quickly into the past. Sweet dreams Mr. Giraffe tomorrow is your big day.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Giraffe Part 3

Making a Giraffe Part 3
or what popped it's head out of my project bag today...
I need a handsome name 
I just sent my husband to the corner store for a drinking straw. I didn't know this but giraffe's have 2" sections of plastic drinking straws in their  horns.  God thinks of everything.  Good thing my husband is a sport and any way he wanted a bag of chips and a Pepsi for later.

a birth and a flower girl


       It has been an eventful week. A week of 
blessings.  My great niece Eden Elizabeth was born at home three days ago. Then today my beloved little Mya was a very delightful
flower girl.  God has blessed us with miracles.                                                    
getting ready at gramma's house 
Little Monkey