Monday, November 7, 2011

Giraffe Part 5 The Finishing of friendly giraffe

Today Mr Giraffe awoke from his good sleep in the infirmary.  Last evening but a dim memory of  his harrowing plastic surgery.  He was thrilled to hop into the car and drive off to his new position at the cardiac center. His excitement was evident as he gazed with curiosity out the car windows.
At work he made friends with a lovely girl named Raggedy Ann and he listened carefully to heart beats with his shiny new stethoscope.  
It was along day and Mr Giraffe was happy to be home in time to relax in the Florida sunshine in the back yard.  It was a good day to be a giraffe in Florida.

first car ride

enjoying the sites 

hard at work
making friends at the office
relaxing in the Florida sunshine
perfect end to the day dozing under a FL palm tree in the sunshine 
Many thanks and all the credit too  for this wonderful giraffe design go to Susan B. Anderson and her book itty-bitty toys  
I love this book and have learned so much about the fine craft of creating life where there was only a hank of playful joyful yarn.  Thank you Susan.

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