Saturday, November 1, 2014

November Celebrations

First and foremost the kids were all adorable on Halloween.

Elsa and Fireman South Station

Fireman North Station
Dusty Cropper

And then there were my matching socks. 

Never in history has this knitter made socks that match and fit. Thanks to  Vanilla Latte Socks and  Knit Picks Felici in Spring Mix. This was over the top exciting.

To add some excitement to the Thanksgiving table I have this funky Turkey Platter
Fun Turkey Platter from WeeLambieVintage
Bring on the fun this year in bright retro Mid Century color and design.
Mid Century Modern from RetrouverBiz

Fun all the way around. Kids, Costumes, Turkey, Mid Century Serving Pieces in Bright Colors and Happy Socks.