Thursday, June 30, 2011

Having the Courage to Start My Etsy Shop

My first Monkey Hat on Leo 

I haven't been blogging much as I have been busy trying to research starting my own Etsy Shop.  
There is so much to learn about opening up a shop and making it a success. Since I still work full time as a cardiac  nurse this keeps me up late at night.  I have my theme, and name for the shop. Will divulge the name next blog post.   I have selected a handful of starter pieces and am pretty sure of the direction I will head in.  Aiming for knit wear for children and babies. Simple items.  Sweet gift ideas and photo props. Vintage items. 

Photo props bringing me to my biggest hurdle. I don't have a good camera .  Even worse than not having a good camera is the fact that I have a tremor in my hands that makes it really difficult to hold my cell phone still enough to snap a photo.  Solving this by begging friends to take some pictures for me. Also will be sending knitwear to my great nieces and nephews so they can model and keep them and for their very talented mother's to photograph.  A nice swap. Hope they all go along wit this idea and I have time to get the knitting done.  

Of course I have my lovely Mya for a model but she is a whirlwind as seen here playing dress up in my clothes.

Mya in full motion
When I was in my early twenties and my mother was the age that I am know she opened up a mail order business named The Pewter Button . She and I hand made authentic Revolutionary War Era clothing for the Bicentennial celebrations in 1976.  They sold from a tiny ad in the back of Yankee Magazine and amazingly were bought in almost all states and several foreign country's.  It was very hard work and her designs were impeccable and her patterns all made by her hand. Before the internet era all business was conducted by mail.

She made enough money to take herself and my father on a wonderful trip to England and Scotland.  I remember her paying me as well and I saved that money toward the eventual adoption of my first son from El Salvador in Nov. of 1976.   
Lesson learned from Mom. Keep at the task at hand. Research it. Learn your craft.  Perfect your skills.
Thanks Mom. 
from Lambie
  More to come on the adventures of opening  my Etsy shop as it progresses. 
~~~~2 Timothy 1:7 ~~~~~
For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saving Naked Dolls One At A Time

Mya with the 2 new babies and the Troll
Two weeks ago I found a beautiful 16" Babyborn doll for $2.13  at my local Goodwill Store.  I loved this little naked doll from the start.  I didn't know what kind of doll it was.  On the back was imprinted Zapf and after posting on Ravelry I was sent a message that I had found myself a Babyborn.  This triggered a longing in me for more.  I knit the little soakers  for my new little guy and dreamed of finding others.  Every spare chance I could get I went looking in thrift stores.  I found some nice yarn remnants and a stuffed giraffe, but no babies.   Today was different. I went off early this morning with Mya and we hit the jackpot at Goodwill.  Again in the same spot was a little Zapf doll a 14" baby Chou Chou .  This one has a soft cotton body and is truly for the world as naked as can be in her little cotton skin.   Mya  loves babies. I guess it is  instinctive  in her sweet  little heart.  Maybe like her Gramma she is a rescuer. 

Mya and Baby Chou Chou
Along with the new Baby Chou  we also found a tiny little blue haired Troll doll dressed as a Dr. The little Troll was only 59 cents.  Imagine that!  Then a  12" baby girl made in China jumped off the shelf and into the buggy with Mya and the others.  She has a synthetic pj's and says she " really needs some nice home knits to show off in." There is nothing more fun for me right now that sharing my love of dolls with my precious little Mya.  All I want to do is play and knit.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pig Making the Finale

Violet the Pig has been naked long enough. No sooner did she get her dress on than she raided my jewelry box for goodies. She went straight for the pearls.
Violet the Pig
Her ring glitters in the lamp light
Caught red handed with her hands in the goods.  She doesn't bat an eyelash as she sifts around looking for the perfect porcine pearl .  Oh the naughty girl.  

Violet tries to get away but trips on a rope of pearls and goes down in a frothy lavender heap. 
the get away

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pig Making Part 2

Violet the Pig
Oh my goodness I love you Violet. Your keeping me so entertained and up so late at night.  Tonight I have really big plans for you. Feet for one thing. Cloven of course.  Once your tootsies are just right I will get to work on your dress. It has to be fancy as you told me you want to dance in it.  I am even considering running to the fabric store tomorrow after work to find a bit of tulle for underneath the skirt.
Oh and mentioned you like "Bling".  Searching my button tin for  rhinestones.