Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saving Naked Dolls One At A Time

Mya with the 2 new babies and the Troll
Two weeks ago I found a beautiful 16" Babyborn doll for $2.13  at my local Goodwill Store.  I loved this little naked doll from the start.  I didn't know what kind of doll it was.  On the back was imprinted Zapf and after posting on Ravelry I was sent a message that I had found myself a Babyborn.  This triggered a longing in me for more.  I knit the little soakers  for my new little guy and dreamed of finding others.  Every spare chance I could get I went looking in thrift stores.  I found some nice yarn remnants and a stuffed giraffe, but no babies.   Today was different. I went off early this morning with Mya and we hit the jackpot at Goodwill.  Again in the same spot was a little Zapf doll a 14" baby Chou Chou .  This one has a soft cotton body and is truly for the world as naked as can be in her little cotton skin.   Mya  loves babies. I guess it is  instinctive  in her sweet  little heart.  Maybe like her Gramma she is a rescuer. 

Mya and Baby Chou Chou
Along with the new Baby Chou  we also found a tiny little blue haired Troll doll dressed as a Dr. The little Troll was only 59 cents.  Imagine that!  Then a  12" baby girl made in China jumped off the shelf and into the buggy with Mya and the others.  She has a synthetic pj's and says she " really needs some nice home knits to show off in." There is nothing more fun for me right now that sharing my love of dolls with my precious little Mya.  All I want to do is play and knit.

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Yaya Yarns said...

How exciting! I enjoy redoing babies, it allows me to play with dolls and not sound weird...hehehe because of course I am doing them for my grand baby!

I have two that have been in my craft room for quiet some time now... I think you have inspired me to get them and play...ooops I mean work on them :o)