Sunday, July 31, 2011

Big Steps and Widgets

Acorn Hat and Mukluks

Well I finally got my Etsy shop Wee Lambie Knits open last month.  It took lots of steps to even begin to get the hang of it.  The biggest struggle was getting a link to my blog as the ones I tried kept getting rejected.  Now I have a  ' Widget' and am very happy with how it looks.  Thanks to very simple instructions on  I am all hooked up.  Yes  I had to google Widget?! ? !!  Yes I was that one person who didn't know what a widget was. 
I am enjoying every step of this process and have made one sale.  It thrilled me that out of thousands of baby hats my blue berry hat with a green stem was chosen for a purchase.  I hope to sell more.
I am busy figuring out just how the links to your items work and how amazingly important the right descriptions are from the word go.
Currently working on  a monkey toy.  Will  post pics as soon as it begins to look like more than a ball of self striping yummy Paton's Kroy sock yarn.