Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Mess I Love

Mya is only ten months old, but she is already walking and play reading to herself.  She gets into everything and then goes on to ten more things.  At this moment my family room is strewn with all her toys, books, cookie crumbs, various bits and pieces that have made up her day of staying with Gramma.  I know when her mother picks her up and takes her home tonight I will get a chance to sweep the floor and put the toys away for next time.  Like a bath tub plug pulled all the noise and the days activities will whoosh away and I will be left with a quiet empty space.  I will be longing for her to return.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wee Red Booties

Made these wee red booties for Mya to wear on her first Christmas.  Hope they will fit her.  She fits us all so well .
Today she turned ten months old.  Another  mile stone in her precious life.  Her mother took a video of her reading a book to herself.  In her soft little baby voice saying sounds that told a story only she knew the words too.
For Mya life is a huge adventure and she the happiest child I know.
How fine to head off into life in red shoes.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Knitting Frenzy

mini sweaters for the tree

Have had to much fun learning to knit again. I am feeling very sad for all the years I have lost NOT KNITTING.  Since I moved to Florida in '92 I foolishly thought I should leave my talent and love for knitting behind in the chilly lets wear knits New England that I came from. What a loss and mistake.  Now to find again the passion to pick up knitting and be creative.  Yarns, threads, and tangles of color have made me giddy with possibilities and projects.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~My Christmas gift giving has become another home made adventure.  As in years past I am making most of my gifts.  What I haven't been knitting for gifts I have been finding at tag sales and thrift shops.  It will be a very merry and very thrifty creative Christmas with family this year.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Arriving at Gramma and this time a big boy!

Children are born everyday, but this week my first grandson was born.  The son of my second son Andy  and his wife Biz. Another child delivered by C-section!  Beloved by his parents and all his grandparents, family and their friends. He carries a long and cherished family name that ends with Jr.  We will call him Leo. 
On his first day in this world he amazed us all by lifting his head and shoulders up to peer around at his surroundings and find the joy filled eyes of his parents looking back into his. He is a big boy over 9 pounds, soft as the newest early morning breeze and strong as the life force that creates it.  I haven't held him yet in my arms he is far away in New England, but I have him firmly secured in my innermost heart and am brimming with love for him.  Leo I am counting the days down until I am with you.

Arriving at Gramma

This has been the year of Gramma Annie.  In February after an emergency C-Section I welcomed my first grandchild into the world.  Her name is Mya and my daughter Amy is her Mommy.  Her Daddy is Micah.  She is a perfect wee little babe with her mother's eyes and the soul of a very wise and traveled person.  Watching my daughter with her daughter is beyond any expectations of, "how will she do?"  They are bonded in a deep and abiding love.  Amy is a mother through and through and she has found her reason to be here on God's green earth.