Sunday, December 9, 2012

Etsy Organization

Etsy organization or more Tra-La-La-La getting ready for Christmas.  When you have your Etsy buisness spread out all over the house and in every closet nook and cranny it becomes very stressful trying to decorate for Christmas. 

This is what I started with in my living room.  I won't show you the closets or my 3 corners of the family room as you would faint.

This is my mess as you walk in the front door of my house and into the livingroom.  Voila Etsy!

With the idea of getting things 'together' and some friendly competition from my friends on the Etsy Ivteam who are also organizing I went in search of shelves yesterday.  Well truth be told I was just going to an Estate Sale, but shelving was in the back of my mind someplace. 

These were at the Estate Sale for a great low price.

They got a good scrubbing in the front yard.

Skip offered to paint them white for me! 

They look amazing and Skip even attached them to the wall somehow for stability.  I was impressed.

It took several hours, but eventually everything that was in the living room and family room and the hall closet landed on the shelves in the garage.  Please don't look in my extra bedroom closet.

Now the livingroom can be decorated .
It is looking alot more like Christmas!
Angie is happy to have her room back.  She is just hoping something to eat will fall her way.
Merry Merry Merry Christmas!


dianne said...

good for you. so jealous that you got that done and that your stuff even fits on three shelf units. I must purge more. you are very inspiring. dianne

Araignee said...

Nice! My daughter has en ebay store for designer clothing and you should just see how much room that takes up. Racks and boxes everywhere. She makes quite a tidy sum so I suppose it is worth it. It would drive me crazy.

Gail P said...

You're tempting me to show my "EtsyMess" LOL.

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

Dianne, there is still all the knitting all over the house and the closet in the second bedroom is jam packed with Etsy clothes and shabby chic things.
Araignee, I bet she does an amazing buisness! Would love to go to IKEA for shelves and bins.
Gail, Okay anytime can't wait to see your version of messy. I know you learned from the pros!

Debra Funkhouser said...

Anne, I'm so proud of you!! I'm doing the same thing this week. Thanks to some friendly competition:)

studiomaison said...

It is so amazing how you organized everything. I bought some storage containers and have been meaning to do that for awhile now. you have inspired me!

visiting you from the etsy integrity of vintage team! beautiful blog :)