Friday, December 14, 2012

Tiny Socks

Tiny Wee Socks  and below is a link to a wonderful Etsy shop that makes and sells these.  The Sassy Sudbury Sisters!

These little socks are fun. Found the patterns on Ravelry.  Tiny Ornament Socks by Everwhelming Liz :here
The larger red sock is a Bernat pattern: here
So I now have socks in all sizes.
I made a mini mitten too

The mini mitten pattern I found on Ravelry is by Andrea Kopacek and you can find it : here

I have found a wonderful shop the Sassy Sudbury Sisters on Etsy link that makes these adorable little minis and you can just click here and order them for your gift giving!
But first take a look at how vibrant the colors are and how darn cute these are.

Etsy Shop
Sassy Sudbury Sisters

They have little mini crochet sweaters in their shop too you can find them here: link

Sassy Sudbury Sisters

These little Mini Ornaments are fun.  I have so many little bits of yarn and hope to use up more of them making wee ornaments.


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Sandra's Card Shop said...

Hi Anne! Thanks so much for including mini socks and sweaters in your blog!