Saturday, December 15, 2012

Surround Yourself

The best thing I could do last night was visit two of my grandchildren.

On such a dark day I looked for light and love.

My arms full of babies.

We decorated cookies.  Enjoying the sweetness of life.

Spent a reflective day today.  Praying for the families in Conn.  Praying for the futures of our children. 
Asking questions like why are we armed to the teeth?
Why is mental health care so far behind the needs for it?
Why do we have to lock our children into schools to make them safe?
I know God is with us. 
Hold us together Lord in the palm of your hand and help us to search the right ways in this world you have given us. 




in the kitchen with aunt emilie said...

Anne ~ Your Grandchildren are beautiful and so lucky to have you in the lives. ♥♥♥♥♥♥ + xo xo

in the kitchen with aunt emilie said...

oops .. typo in their lives.

Araignee said...

I am sad to say that as a former first grade teacher, I am not surprised that these things are happening in our schools. I am surprised that they are not happening more often. These recent shooters are at the age when we all started to see things change in our classrooms. There were so many sad, lonely, scared and angry children that we began to spend our days teaching empathy and social skills just so we could all survive together under one roof. In the decade the trend escalated. We had more emotionally disturbed kids than we knew what to do with. Where do we put the blame for what is happening to our children? In too many places to mention. I could write a book. Sorry for being long winded. This tragedy hit too close to home for me. Kiss those babies for me. What precious little angels. You are truly blessed.

Araignee said...

Ooops....typo from me too. I meant "in the past decade". That's what I get for climbing up on the soapbox this late in the day.

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

My family is full of teachers and also home schooling moms. This is a national human crisis.
Thinking of you and so glad a kind soul like you gave your career to little children.

Emily, come to the West Coast and I will share them with you!