Saturday, September 1, 2012

Quilt Estate Find

I found this beautiful quilt at an estate sale yesterday.  Now I am trying to identify the pattern. When I first looked at it I thought it might be a Hawaiian quilt pattern as it is such a tropical color and has the all over one color on white look. I don't know much about quilts.  I used to. Sadly have forgotten much of what I did know and my mother would help me with this, but well Mom is gone off to quilter's heaven.
A friend on Etsy has found two possibilities.  Star of the West and Star Crescent.  I think it is some variation of these.  I love how the compass is rounded in between the four diamond pieces.
It is large approx. 6 x 6'
The quilting is tiny. There are at least 12 stitches to the inch and it is quilted all over. The back being just as pretty as the front.  I think I have to look at it for a while before I part with it and list it in my ship.

Thanks to Vic from My Victorian Cottage for helping me  She knows a lot about textiles and has some beautiful ones for sale in her Etsy shop.  Like this amazing crazy quilt.
My Victorian Cottage
Crazy Quilt
Isn't that a beautiful crazy quilt?  Take a look in her shop link for more treasures.

Another friend on Etsy thinks it is a variation of Star Crescent or Compass Rose. Either way the beauty and fun of quilting is the endless variation and design between block patterns, color, fabric, applique' and quilting techniques. 
Thanks to Inspired Trader for more ideas you can find her shop here, link she has these big chunks of Amethyst and Quartz in her shop

bookends from
TheInspiredTrader @ Etsy
I am totally in love with amethyst and those bookends are heavenly.
Going to go snuggle with that green and white beauty for a little while and then it is off to baby sit the grandbabies...
weelambie/ Anne


dianne said...

thank you Weeee.

TheInspiredTrader said...

It's a fabulous find! Thanks for the mention!

Toni said...

What a lovely quilt, Anne! You have such great luck finding things...makes me want to go up in my attic and look at my grandmother's quilts...I so hope they have not been destroyed by the moths, dampness, heat, mice, etc. They are precious things that really deserved more care...thank you for reminding me with your blog to check up on them!

dianne said...

Toni's attic sounds like a fun place.

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

thanks everyone
Toni, when can we come over and go hunting through your attic?

Toni said...

I wish the attic were as picturesque as some I've seen in movies or ones that I can conjure up in my mind, but this one is in such disarray. But, there are boxes of old dishes, old lace collars and such, and the quilts. Then, there are boxes from four generations of my family...mostly pretty mundane things that I have to sort through and discard. I have to get up there so I can see what I can part with to list in my shop.

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

Toni I will be over your attic sounds like it needs me.