Sunday, September 16, 2012

Picking Up the Needles

As if arthritis wasn't enough to make me slow down knitting this summer...the colonoscopy socks were. link  I didn't read ahead into the pattern. They are tube socks. No heal to turn = NO FUN just 16" of tube and then a toe.  Well those are nicely stashed in their bag until another trip to the Dr's or hospital brings them back out.
I saw this on Facebook the other day and I had to steal it.
Doesn't my Skip look cute with those needles in his head.
Etsy knitting and weelambieknits are taking a new direction this year.  I am in the process of combining my two shops. I will just have Weelambievintage and in it there is a Knits by Wee Lambie  section. link
I have some items that are being moved over from Weelambieknits.  The majority of this little shop will be devoted to fingerless gloves and cowls.  I love making these.  No Wee will not be having a 'sock' section anytime soon.
Here are some of what is being offered.
Garnet Cowl for Fall here a deep rich garnet color is super squishy bulky soft yarn. 
Blue Fingerless gloves for fall. Agate Blue! link
All my favorite Etsians are busy getting ready for the Fall and Holiday Season.
Big topics for conversation are packaging tips, where to get the best value for tape.  Finding good sources for recycling boxes and packaging.  My garage is starting to look like a warehouse as carboard piles up in ready.
What ever you're working on I hope you're enjoying it.  

And if you need to get the perfect Christmas Dress for your little girl look no further than my friend's NannaJustbananas. Take a look at her creations.
Girls Christmas Dress from NanaJustbananas

Teri is a Master seamstress and all her creations are perfection and made from the highest quality fabrics and notions.  Get your orders in early.
you can find her shop here: link  Teri also has an amazing line of wedding flower girl fashions....even the cutest shoes you ever dreamed of.


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