Saturday, September 22, 2012

Packing For the Hospital

I started packing. There is only worrying and packing to do. I choose to pack.
I have my mother's bible ready. It is crammed with notes and papers.
Mom's Bible
There are passages marked in here that I know will be perfect when I need them.
Then I packed the project bags.
Hospital Knitting is different from any ordinary knitting.  I guess it is even more ordinary.  It is knitting that you just knit. The stitches you know and can rely on.  The ones that comfort you. 
I have an old friend in this bag.
Kathleen Taylor's wristers

 Wristersby Kathleen Taylor. They are the perfect wristers and so pretty made with bright self striping yarn. Kathleen writes a blog that I follow. She is a writer and fiber instructed her patterns are easy to follow.
In this bag I have Knitty wristers.  Knitty is always good. Like thousands of old and dear friends are stitting with you knitting along on their much beloved patterns.
This is my knitty project bag with some beautiful wool yarn a friend sent me last year.

Fall Berry By Knitty

this wrister has a pattern so it will be for the really good days. Since the yarn is white I will be able to see the pattern through my cataracts.  Yeah I'm hoping too.

Groups of Loops Cowl
I have lush old Shetland Wool in this bag. For a simple cowl. I found this yarn at a thrift shop and I know it has waited years for this chance to be picked up and worked with.

Silver's Sock Class
Here is a bag of socks.  The endless socks. Not the colonoscopy socks those are a dead end... These are hopeful pretty blue stretchy socks  .... Hopeful I can find the original pattern. (and I did on ravelry)
Here is everything all lying out and ready for packng.
& yes the Xanax is packed.  A mother needs HER Mother's  bible, her knitting and her Xanax when her child is in the hospital. 
They all fit in the big red Donate Blood project bag
I have not donated blood lately, my H & H don't want to cooperate, neither does my blood pressure.  Maybe you will have the opportunity to donate.  It is so important.

I am ready and waiting for the call that says "yes YES" and then I will book my flight and leave for Boston.  It is just hours away. I am ready. I have been ready for years. 
I am praying for the donor family. I am praying for my family and for the Dr's hands and hearts.
I am relying on my angels above and my friends and family here on earth.  I am in God's hands and so is my son.
I am full of hope and Xanax. Please pray with me. God to guide us, God to Hold us. God to bring us Salvation.


Gail P said...

I am right there with you in spirit, Lambie. Wish I could be there to hug you when you need a hug, lend you a shoulder when you need one to lean on, an ear when you want to talk, a Xanax when you run out.

Mighty prayers are happening right now for you and yours! Don't doubt, just know.

Your friend, Gail

Toni said...

Wee, please know how many prayers and how much love is coming your way from the IVTeam. I just read the chats and everyone is thinking of you and hoping for the best. The power of love and prayer will guide you through this, I know...and when you have extra special friends
like Gail P, the world is a better place, indeed!

Sarah said...

For my dear Auntie,
God of peace, cloud my Aunt's heart with calm, guide surgeons' hands, fuse old and new together in Josh's body, part this Red Sea of life, let there be life, let there be hope, let there be peace.
I love you.

Araignee said...

I still have a Xanax in my knitting bag from past hospital knitting that I carry to remind myself to be grateful every time I get to pick up my needles. My thoughts are with you...