Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cadet Hat Topi

I don't look good in hats. This one is lots of fun to make though and yes I know I need to block it. My cataracts are lit up like high beams here.
Cadet Hat
I  really made this hat with my daughter in law in mind. She looks great in hats and she likes brims that keep the snow and rain off her glasses.
Topi with buttons
Topi brim
I will make this again and use wool. This was Vanna's Choice. It came out to big. I had to run a round of crochet around the bottom edge to pull it in snug.  Next time... wool and go down to a size 6 needle. Or go up a needle...wool and felt it a bit....hmmmm....knitting is always all about the endless mire of possibilities !

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TheInspiredTrader said...

Too cute! I love this hat!