Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer In The Whole30

Having lots of summertime fun and my Whole30 Paleo diet has turned into a Whole90. 

 The weight is still coming off slow but sure and I am shopping in my closet finding smaller sizes to wear. 

The Avocado is my favorite summertime treat.  I think they are perfect in every way possible.

So glad to be getting fit and taking care of the grands this summer. 
We have stayed busy.

modeling Wooden Shoes

Playing in the suds
Visiting the beach
Looking out for Water Spouts over the Gulf

I have been knitting and the kids always have requests.
Susan B. Anderson Itty Bitty Toys

Slither the Snake has returned this time in green.
Now I have a to make a pink one. In between knitting pigs and Hippos.  
What are you up to this summer?


Araignee said...

Mmmm....I love avocados too but good ones are hard to find here and when you do they are very expensive. As soon as they are too ripe for anything, they put the sorry things on sale.
The grands are adorable. So healthy and happy!
That waterspout is terrifying. We get them in the bay sometimes and they scare me to death.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Great job getting through summer and losing weight!!! Love the pics of your adorable grands and that snake is so cute!! My summer has been crazy but trying to get some outdoor painting steps and floors and stuff that is not much fun! My garden is in full bloom so I am content.