Saturday, July 21, 2012

Meet Tootsie

I got my little vintage shop a present.  She arrived today in a very beat up box delivered by a very smiley UPS man.

Meet my mannequin Trixie.  She was a dream on the job today and very kind to offer her talents in modeling. 
As anyone with an Etsy shop knows it is all about good pictures.  We hear that over and over.  The concensus now is you need good pictures with white backgrounds.  Nothing cluttered or too staged.  This is a bit hard to take when staging is so much fun.  Good pictures really do help sales. I have to agree with that.  I am attempting all the time to make mine better.  It isn't easy to do.  I use my ...dare I even admit it... I use my smart phone.  l have the devil of a time with shadows, reflections and lighting.  I keep gathering more lights and dearly wish I had my Dad's big photography lights on stands.  I did get his projector screen and that makes a good back drop for many things.
Today was all about Trixie and her adorable little alabaster plastic body.
Here she is in my favorite black tie.

I went shopping for tops for Trixie at Salvation Army.   Looking for tiny tank tops was fun.  A helpful employee at Salvation Army pointed out to me that if I looked at the tags I'd find the sizes.  I explained I wasn't looking for my size (xxl) but for clothes for my mannequin!  She beat tracks with a very confused look on her face.
Here is Trixie in pearls!
Trixie you are adorable and I look forward to figuring out just how to make the most of your assets!



TheInspiredTrader said...

Too cute! I've always wondered why they call them "man"nequins. Shouldn't they be wo"man"nequins? :-P Trixie is a great addition!

Araignee said...

She is very photogenic!