Sunday, July 22, 2012

Packaging and Shipping for Etsy Shop

Everything is always in the details.
Wrapping and packaging your Etsy parcels is no different.  Being the proud owner of an Etsy buisness means you wear many hats. This post is about wrapping and shipping.
I love to wrap packages and make them pretty.  This is no different from wanting to open beautifully wrapped packages. Time and budget have to be considered.  Wrappings are expensive and hard on the evironment.  I recycle every possible thing I can to wrap parcels.  Boxes I get from work.  When shipping US Priority Mail the USPS provides the boxes.  I save and reuse bubble wrap and styrofoam.  I also collect these from work and recycle them. 
Making labels and hang tags will use up bits of card stock, paper, greeting cards, ribbons, stamps, stamp pads, tape, lace....limitless really.  I have seen lovely hang tags made from slivers of wood and from sea shells. 
Tea stained hang tags with stamp designs and ribbon. Directions here:

Wrapping paper is another area where recycling plays a key role for me.  I save wrapping papers, and tissue papers of all types.  I save bits of ribbon and lace. I buy new tissue paper from the Dollar Store when I have to.  I also buy used sewing patterns at garage sales and thrift shops.  The vintage patterns that haven't been cut I can sell!  The ones that have been cut or are not vintage I use for wrapping.  Sewing patterns make lovely wrapping paper and the little cut out bits are great for stuffing boxes along with bubble wrap.  News papers can be used for stuffing also but they are a bit heavier and you have to consider the weight against the cost of buying bubble wrap or paying more for postage.

Wrapping a box within a box! Weigh everything!  In this huge box is a large Shabby Chic shelving unit.  It was wrapped in Pattern paper and given a hang tag and lovely satin ribbon.  Then the corners were all wrapped with cardboard for further protection. I stuffed crumpled newspapers around the whole lot and used miles of tape.  I get wide celephane tape at the Dollar Store.  Stapping tape is used in the corner spots and outside seams of the box.  It is more expensive and used judiciously. 

Buying a good scale was the smartest thing I did for my buisness.  It was surprisingly not very expensive.  I got mine on Ebay.  It is easy to use and I can weigh up to 50 pounds with it. 
Postage can be purchased on line as well.  I use the USPS or Paypal.  I also print my customs forms online.  It was all a bit tricky at first.  Having a scale has taken lots of running back and forth to the post off ice out of my day (and my husband's) and makes quoting prices so much more accurate.
So here we have wrapping and shipping. It is a lot of work.  Make it enjoyable and be kind to the environment and your bottom line by recycling.  My husband helped me wrap that big box up there.  He made a suggestion later on in the day.  He has a way of doing this.  He starts out with, "if I may make a suggestion..." His was to make and ship smaller projects!  I agree, but if another wonderful wooden shelf or table makes it's way to me I would find it very hard to pass it up.
I also ment to tell you my mother taught me to save wrapping paper.  She also taught me to iron it and the ribbons when you use it the second time round!

~Weelambie / Anne~

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