Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hattie's Dress

free pattern for Hattie's Dress

 Hattie helps herself to some of Mom's beads
 Hattie relaxes in the Palms wearing her  purple leggings and lavender sweater

Hattie's beaded dreads
Hattie's Dress Hattie is 13 " tall
You will need some scrap yarn worsted weight and sz 5 needles
Knitted flat. side seamed.

~cast on 16 stitches
rows 1-6 seed stitch
~1 1/2 " stocking knit stitch
~4 rows K2P2
~1" stocking knit stitch
shape arms
K2tog knit to end
P2tog purl to end
repeat these 2 rows once more you know have 12 stitches.
~2 rows stocking knit stitch
~knit 3, bind off 6 stitches knit to end.
Making shoulder straps.
Put first 3 stitches on a holder or yarn scrap.
Knit each strap to 3" (first one strap, then second strap)
~On last row of second strap cast on 6 stitches in the center of the dress's back. Pick up and knit the 3 stitches from the first strap. (12 stitches)
~2 rows stocking knit stitch
shape arms
~Increase 1 stitch beginning of next 4 rows  (total 16 stitches)
~Stocking knit stitch for 1"
~ K2 P2 for next 4 rows
~Stocking knit stitch for 1 1/2"
~next 6 rows in seed stitch
bind off
fold and
sew side seams. weave in ends.

Hattie's dress is my original pattern.
Hattie herself is made from the lovely  pattern
scrappy doll by Fawn Pea on

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