Sunday, May 13, 2012

Celebrating Mothers

I found this amazing photograph of my Great Grandmother and her sister...
Great grandmother Elizabeth White Harland and Hannah Mary Donkin White
 Look at these sisters gleefully walking arm in arm down the lane in front of the church. The Church of England in the background. Maybe it is St Hilda's the church my father's family attended in Hartlepool, England.  They are grinning so happily.  It must be early spring and I am guessing Easter Sunday as they are both wearing corsages as big as cabbages on their coats.  
We don't dress like this much any more. I mean really dress up.  It is a long list. The silk stockings, heals all polished and shiny, fancy dresses, jewelry, brooches and silk hankies, hats, gloves, purses, and then there is that fox.  Yes my Great Grandmother has a fox draped around her neck.  My Grandmother Arnold her daughter had one too. It fascinated me as a little girl.  Maybe it was this same one. 
It makes me happy looking at this picture that captures these two sisters in a moment of joy and sharing.  This is a celebration of life.  Two sisters caught in a gentle moment between two world wars. 
There is a lot to think about when a picture like this comes into view.
mother's day 2012


Anita Dean Sews said...

fabulous part of your history! thanks so much for sharing such a lovely photo on Mother's Day! xoxo

Angora Amora said...

Love this picture! They do look so happy together. Sisterhood is a wonderful thing!