Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Making A Button Garland

How to crochet a button garland.
The buttons on the thread.
Playing with buttons, loosing buttons, stringing buttons and finally making a button garland.
Washing and sorting vintage buttons.
Okay I will say it again, " I love buttons". It would be nice if buttons were currency. They are fun to carry around in your pocket and the variety would make any sales clerk smile.
Stringing buttons.
I had lots of white and cream colored buttons of various sizes.  The vintage spool of Clark's silver thread was part of a bag of goodies I had found in an estate sale.  I threaded the buttons on to the thread while it was still attached to the spool. This allowed me to pull the thread through the buttons as one by one I chain crocheted a garland.

Simple chain crochet.
I eyeballed it and decided to chain about ten between each addition of a button. 

Adding the next button.

Each button was pulled up from the string of buttons one by one and chain stitched in place. I continued this way until I ran out of thread. That didn't take very long!  My crochet hook is one from a frosting hair dye kit!  I still have lots of the white buttons and want to make the chain longer so a trip to Joann's will be in order to find a similar thread. When I get more strung I'll take another picture.

This red button garland was my first attempt at making a garland.

The string I used is a bit to limp and it fuzzes something awful so I will be looking for a sturdier cotton string.  This string is a man made fiber of unknown origin. I won't use it again. I do like the bright reds against the white string but next time I will move the buttons closer together. They are about 1" to far apart for my liking. 
There are some green buttons mixed in.

It is at least ten feet long.
To get the string through the eyes on the buttons I made a tiny hook out of wire to pull the string through. I used some of that green floral wire that is always wrapping itself around everything in my kitchen junk drawer.

These things are tangle demons.  I need to find a nice heavy stock white card to wind this around for storage til Christmas time.

If you see my house festooned in buttons you will know I have gone to far and you may want to stage an intervention.... or join me.

Draping the fence!

buttons.. the new currency~


Araignee said...

That looks like fun!

Debra TheInspiredTrader said...

Adorable idea! Perfect garland for a little feather tree.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I LOVE buttons! Quite different from the button garlands I make and that is why I love this! Thanks for sharing!

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

Thanks, and AnnMarie I have been wanting to make this ever since I saw the ones you make!