Sunday, December 15, 2013

Wrapping Packages Etsy Style

I have been struggling to create a style for my very eclectic vintage shop Wee Lambie Vintage .
One singular identity from start to finish or as they say in the mega land of commercial advertising "Branding".
It is coming along but progress has been slow. 
I have my shop banner. Made for me by my Etsy friend Deb from the The Inspired Trader

Deb knows a lot about graphics and design and how to make them on the computer.  She also is excellent at creating an image or brand.

Cattle Brand

No not this kind of brand! The kind of brand that shows your vision, your identity, your logo.  

I settled on this photo for my logo.
Wee Lambie Vintage

Yup, that's me.  My Dad took the picture.  I love it. It expresses how I feel about my vintage shop.  To me vintage brings back memories, sweetness, nostalgia, a time long ago, a feeling you want to remember.  I never want to forget the little girl in this photo or the thrill of holding a newborn lamb in spring. A spring moment 58 years ago.
The tricky part is to marry all these together so that they are cohesive and quickly make my shop look like.... well my brand.
I went to with my little lamb photo and had some cards and stickers made.
Moo.Com's Minicards.

I love these little cards. you are fabulous!  Look at the great little blue and white box they came in.  Moo obviously knows how to make things stand out and be identified.
I played around with tying them to packages.

I write my thank you on the back of the little card, but I didn't really like punching that big hole in it.  Now I am experimenting with just tucking it under the ribbon.
Then I had to have stickers.  I want the outside of my boxes to have the same look.

WeeLambieVintage Stickers
I want to stick these everywhere!
There is a lot more to do in my shop to get this whole brand thing finished.  
I am thinking my tissue wrapping paper should be all one color. This is a labor of love and as I said progress is slow. The little changes I have made are feeling good and I am pondering the future ones. 
Anne :)
aka weelambie.


Araignee said...

I love those little Moo cards. I had a bunch printed to give my work friends when I retired so they could still get in touch with me.
That photo is so adorable. I love the way you are using it. Branding is everything these days and it looks like you have a winner!

Diane Waters said...

These are the types of things that many other Etsy shop owners struggle with. Great to hear your story. I love that photo. I didn't realize it was you. Just perfect for creating your special identity.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I love the stickers on the outside of the package! I ordered some and put them on all my packages since after Thanksgiving. I find it hard to wrap vintage items pretty so I haven't gone there yet. I have always loved your avatar and now that I know it is you, how much more special it is!