Monday, June 23, 2014

Pig In A Basket

Make Me A Pig Gramma!

Susan B Anderson's Pig from itty-bitty toys
I made a little change to the pig this time. I made the legs the same as the arms
instead of shaping the foot separately and having to sew it onto the leg. I consider it a minor cheat!
Vintage Sewing Knitting Basket
from my Etsy shop.
I have so many project bags and baskets. There is always a need for more.  Any seamstress or knitter will tell you that!
Beautiful Antique Basket from LakesideCottage
Pigs have the cutest tails!
Petunia The Pink Pig
I got some knitting done this weekend while watching the  Grands play.
Marigold Eyelet Anklet Sock

My Whole30 turned Whole60 is still in full swing.
There is a whole lot of weekend vegetable cooking going on.  
Roasting eggplant and winter squash

 I plan ahead and roast enough staples like eggplant, squash, sweet potatoes, and any other veggies that happen to be looking good at the market .  Once they are all cooked and in the fridge in their containers I have no excuse not to grab them for easy fix meals.
I am feeling better and better.  I celebrated that little boys (pool picture) 2nd birthday this year with a Lara Bar ~ I felt wonderful about it.  I don't want any sugar for the first time in my life.

Pretty much sums up my week. Whole30 eating, knitting, listings for my Etsy shop and watching the Grands on the weekends. If they would just let me knit at my day job life would be perfect!

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