Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wee Lil Seoul's Hanbok Part 2

Wee Lil Seoul's Hanbok

Raglan Sleeve, Top-down Knit Hanbok with a single crochet edge. 
Materials needed to make Hanbok (Traditional Korean  Dress 
fits 12 " doll
 sz 8 circular needles
 US H8/5.0mm crochet hook
worsted weight , 1. small amount white for trim
                            2. small amount variegated for bodice and sleeves
                            3.   moderate amount solid for skirt
                           ( I used stash yarn bits of
2 metal snaps for dress closure
but you can use any worsted weight  yarns you have. gauge not that important

CO 20 st(s) using #2 color 
Row I.  K1, [K1FB,PM,K1FB,K1,K1FB,PM,K1FB] K to last 6 st(s) Repeat what is in brackets thus creating the raglan sleeves. 28 st(s)
Row 2. and all even rows Purl
Row 3.{ K to first St(s) before marker K1FB, sm,K1FB,knit to one st(s)  before marker,K1FB,sm, K1FB} Repeat and knit to end. 36 st(s)
Rows  5,7,9,11,13 repeat row 3. 
Row 14. Purl as all even rows.
Row 15. K to 1st st(s) before marker K1FB, remove marker, slide all st(s) to holder, remove next marker, knit and join under raglan sleeve across the back to next marker, remove marker, slide all st(s) to holder , remove next marker, K1FB, joining under raglan sleeve,  K to end.
R. 16 Purl
Well Lil goes for a ride
R. 17. K1, K1FB, K to 1 st(s) before end, K1FB, K1                                                
R. 18 Purl
Row 19. same as row 17.
Row 20. Purl
Row 21. change to #3 color,  K1, K1FB, increase 2 st(s) evenly spaced Left front, increase 4 st(s) evenly spaced back, increase 2 st(s) R front, K to 1 st(s) before end K1FB, K1
Row 22. Purl
Row 23. repeat row 17.
Row 24. Purl
Row 25, repeat row 17.
row 26, Purl.
Row 27, Knit
Row 28, Purl
continue to repeat rows 27 & 28 until skirt reaches the toes. Bind off.

(make 2)
with sz 8 DPN 
pick up all st(s) from holder, Pick up 4 st(s) under arm. 
Knit-in-round for 3 inches, bind off.

Edge: With crochet hook and #1 color pick up and make a single crochet border from bottom of dress front up around the neck and down to the other side of dress front. Secure and weave in ends.

Sash: On Left side pick up 4 st(s)  at the meeting place of your two colors. Knit garter stitch  for 4"  bind off. 
Hanbok sash detail

Finishing:  Fold the 4" length over on itself as pictured. Tack down on front edge weave in ends.
                 Sew a snap inside Left side of bodice where it overlaps and sew a snap on Right out side of bodice and under Sash edge where it overlaps .
Mya and Wee Lil Seoul
Weave in all ends and block.                                                             

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