Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wee Lil Seoul's Very Bad Hair Day Part 1

Very bad hair day :)
Making this wee Lil Seoul for my grandaughter Mya. Her black hair reminds me of Mya's mommy's beautiful black hair and how much fun I had combing and playing with it when she was a little girl.  This will remind my daughter Amy of the time I cut her hair into a Mullet. Still an unforgivable offense.  
This doll was designed by
  I love the simplicity of the pattern. In the style of Waldorf Dolls. I am knitting her body and clothes with stash yarn, but I splurged on a new skein on Paton's Classic Wool for her black hair. 
I am hopeful that I will be able to pull off an original design for her Hanbok. (traditional girls Korean dress).
                                                                    Yes she has a belly button :)

Halmoni / Halmeoni 

Halmonie, halmoni and halmony are basically all the same. 
Ie - ee / 이 (ㅣ) 
i - ee / 이 (ㅣ) 
Y / ee / 이 (ㅣ) 

Y as in pony, harmony, etc. 

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sandyhart said...

Beautiful baby--beautiful Momma! The doll is going to be adorable!!