Monday, May 30, 2011

Pig Making

It has been delicious to have a day off on a  Monday !. I slept in and then I began my pig knitting.  The first knitting book I have purchased in years is itty-bitty toys by Susan B. Anderson and I am enthralled with these cute little critters and how masterfully they have been designed. 
the yarn I am using is really a soft oinking pink and I don't know why it is so lavender here.  I wish I had a good camera or a fantastic phone with a good camera. (dear self put on top line of wish list).  
Hence my little pig is named Violet the Pig.  She is beginning to take on a decidedly piggish character with her fat squishy  belly and little hard snout.
In between knitting I had a bike ride around my neighborhood enjoying the warm Florida sunshine and somewhat shaded  by old oaks that grow in this area.  When I got home my husband made lunch. Big surprise.  He is not a cook, but shortly after I got settled in for another round of knitting he presented me with a large blue glass bowl filled with vanilla ice cream and Hershey's syrup.   A perfect lunch . We always have ice cream on holidays. This being Memorial Day was no exception. It has been written there are no calories on holidays.  
I felt a need to work off the ice cream by asking for a drive to the Venice jetty to over look the Gulf. We loaded Angie into the car and with my pig project packed in my red blood donor bag we went to find a cool breeze. It was breezy and cool for all of five minutes.  Lovely spot to watch dolphins fish, but not today.  We stayed a respectable amount of time given the heat and the panting of Angie. She drank all her water and gave us the look that said , "okay guys get it in gear and take me home."  
The rest of my Monday off was spent blissfully knitting away on Pig.  Watching Gettysburg on the History Channel with Skip and then our taking Angie for her after dinner walk.  
I wish every day was a Monday off. I am perfectly happy to knit and am never bored for a second. Time just passes to quickly as I knit, plot and plan every next stitch. 

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