Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pink Tutu Swirl Dress

Lil Miss Tutu Pants

Pink Tutu Twirl dress for 7" doll.
My own design for dress.
Doll is
Yarn:  Baby  DK 8 ply light
Sz 2 DPN
Simple A-line dress worked in-the-round and  top-down on DPN's. Lace picot hem. 2 button straps.

Cast on 28 stc's and divide between 3 DPN, as 9,10,9
Row 1: k joining in the round taking care not to twist stitches, pm.
Row 2: p
Row 3: k
Row 4-5:  k1,p1
Row 6:  (k1, k1fb) to end of round. Increase row.
Row 7-20: k
Row 21: (k1, k1fb). Increase row.
Row 22: p
Row 23-24: k
Row 25: (k1, yo) Starting Lace..
Row 26: k
Row 27: (k1, k2tog)
Hemming with slip stitch
Row 28-29: k                                                                                                                  
Row 30: bind off leaving a long enough  tail for hemming.
Picot Hem:  fold under and slip stitch hem to the under side of the Purl row.

Straps: Make 2                                                                                                      
on back top  of dress pick up 3 stc's  on side where you want first strap to start.
Knit these 3 stc's for 1 3/4" then
1st button hole row: k1, yo, k2
2nd button hole row: k1, k2tog, k1
3rd row: k and bind off.
Make second strap same way picking up 3 stch's on opposite side of dress back.
Buttons: The fun part. Look through your vintage button collection for 2 tiny  perfect buttons. Pure joy finding just the right buttons for the job.                                                        

 Ready to twirl
                                Abbreviations:  k - knit
                        p - purl
                        k1fb - knit 1 front and back
                        st - stitch, stitches
                        st st - stocking knit stitch
                        MC - main color
                        CC - contrast color
                        pm - place marker

                        k2tog- knit 2 together 
                        yo -  yarn over
~This Pattern is free for your personal use only please~

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