Monday, October 24, 2011

Rust and Amber Sky Cowl

rust and amber sky cowl

I have had so much fun making cowls.   They are fast and satisfying.  This was an easy knit as I just CO using size 10 double pointed needles 80 stitches.  after knitting a row I purled a couple of rows then I knit for 1/2 inch and started an eyelet row by pm and then k3 k2tog and yo all the way around to marker.  I knit for a couple of inches and then did 4 rows of purl. Then I knit for a couple more inches and did the eyelet row again and knit a couple of rows...purled a couple of rows and loosely bound off the knitting.  The fun part was weaving a satin ribbon into the eyelet rows and then dotting the center purl rows with glass beads. Fun!
used one skein of yarn. 
 I designed this to sell in my Etsy shop  It is my own creation. 
Please do not make this pattern to sell without giving me the credit for the design.
I will be happy for you to make oodles of money on it but would like a wee mention.
thanks Anne

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