Thursday, October 20, 2011

There is a Giraffe in the Room

I am making Giraffe by Susan B. Anderson from her wonderful book itty-bitty toys  Her patterns are so delightful and if you have ever made one you will become as enchanted as I have and want to make them all.  This is being made for a good friend.  She is going to give it to her brother's next wee baby to be born after the first of the year.  I shall have him finished by then.  I chose Caron worsted in 'Sunflower' and a rusty pumpkin color for the 2nd color way.  There are lots of bits that I can't wait to start.  All the legs are done now and half the ears.  Then the fun part, spots, and funny little horns, mane and tail.  When the face is embroidered...a name will emerge. One always does.
and yes it is one of the legs.

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