Sunday, December 11, 2011

Baby Doll

Making a baby doll

Get this book of toy designs if you haven't already. There is not one thing in here that I don't want to make.  All of her designs are magical and fun and clearly written so that even if you have never done a kitchener stitch you will be able to do it on the very first try. Imagine knitting thumbs and a nose and pearly little baby ears!

I stayed up way to late again to make little thumbs. They are just right for jamming in a little mouth.
like this one!
Little baby girl I love so much.  All snug in her Christmas pj's. 


Jennifer said...

Adorable - both babies! I'm waiting for this from the library. I want to make the hippo.

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

Jennifer, thanks I'd like to make the hippo as well.