Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I had a miracle in my life today. Answered prayer. I bought this in celebration and hope it brings a blessing to who ever wears it...
I may just wear it myself close to my own heart. 
May blessings also flow to this handsome young man who made it.
I will pray for him as I have prayed for my son. 
This is his story as told by his adoptive mother on the web site where she sells his art;
" John, at the age of 4, survived the Rwandan genocide with a bullet in his leg. He witnessed the massacre of his village and murder of his entire family. Now an adult living in Uganda, he attends a middle school to get the education so long denied him. The last photo is John where he lives in his pastor’s office in the church. We share a deep and abiding faith and love for the Lord and each other, as well as a talent for jewelry design. 
I was so shocked to hold the jewelry John gave me and learn from him that he made the beads from paper and varnish. John uses paper, seed beads, seeds, shells, barrel beads, wood, and stretchy cord for his bracelets. Needless to say, I treasure the jewelry he gave me and I know you will feel the same way about your new piece."
Thank you Lord.  Thank you for this Grace for my family and friends who have prayed with me for the words you helped us write in our letters and pleas. Thank you Lord God for shining a light in the darkness. 
Intercession prayer is Devine and Holy


Sarah said...

Crying tears of joy with you....melting at the foot of the cross as you so beautifully phrased it.

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

Sarah, I have updated the blog with the story of the young man who is making this wonderful jewelry.
:) Anne