Friday, December 16, 2011

Baby Doll Part III The End

Baby doll was finished in the wee hours of the morning.  Her pink and green dress was left for the frog pond.
Pink satin bow on her ruffle butt!
1:00 am exhausted and ready to nap on the lap top. New garnet dress curling up on the hem, but just too tired to give a mind to it.
Helping Papa drive Gramma to work. 
Just to tired to drive any longer. Napping on the dash board.  What seat belts?
Posing under the Christmas tree at work. Showing off my green Minne Mouse necklace. 
 Happy in the tree. The pine bows are just right to nestle in and wait for Christmas morning.
My new name is Ellie.  Ellie is the name of a very naughty Cocker Spaniel that Gramma knows.  I think it's cute  though and I love dogs...even the naughty ones ... so I am happy to have the name 
Don't you think I could be a Rockette at  Radio City?  Look at my high kick.     Merry Christmas! 

link for this wonderful knitting pattern and other toys by Susan B. Anderson a true master of imagination and design.

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