Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Alzheimer's Death

stolen memory
Mama a string of shattered glass
refracting new meanings 

A women of words, artist, Latin scholar
Alzheimer's you thief.
Her mind ordered a writer of lists
our historian broken
mistaking earrings for acorns.
dark cloak
of dreaded loss.

Words gone now
Mama a tiny speck of light 
in eyes that see and don't see at all.

Alzheimer's you need
her vision too?
Unspeakably cruel to 
steal til blind.
No you won't win.

My Mother's death
my head upon her breast.
Alzheimer's cowering 
now in the 
face of death.
I sang a hymn
Holy Holy Holy 
I sang the doxology to you.

Alzheimer's mute and weak
Death now upon the room
a braver warrior than you.
Silent Night Holy Night
We watched with you 
Chip and I as 
Death descended and 
Alzheimer's died.

Your eyes, your breath
your startling glance
your gasp
your soft breast.

As Death returned to you 
Your life renewed.
June 20, 1912~December 31, 2008
Daddy appears a portal
from the room
you reached and turned 
took flight your oldest
son your guide.

Left Chip and I 
to witness                                                 
Alzheimer's Death.

Your spark of life 
Filled that room 
a gale of energy 
you flew

Anne 2/14/12

"Praise God from whom
all blessings flow 
Praise him all creatures here below
Praise Father Son and Holy Ghost "
the Doxology


sandyhart said...

tiBeautiful poem--so touching--so much meaning! Hope you gained some comfort from your words. Alzheimers is such a horrible robber of a person's spirit. Bless you for having to go through such an painful good-bye.


WithLoveFromMontana ~ Charlotte B. said...

You captured something that I did not think could be put into words, Anne. Thank you for sharing with the world.

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

Thank you both. I truly believe Alzheimer's was robbed in the end as her spirit flew from that room. She won.

Sarah said...

crying. so beautiful. all the sweet memories. this is perfect. she must be so proud of all the things you are creating, your words, your knitting. Imagine how befuddled she would be at etsy and online shopping. you honor her well. love you.