Saturday, April 14, 2012

Vintage OCD

I have always had lots of vintage around and at various seasons in my life I have unloaded some of it at tag sales, thrift shops, church rummage sales and even auctions.  How I wish I could have it all back with a big attic to store it in. I wouldn't be allergic to dust and my knees wouldn't pain me as I climbed the stairs every day to rummage in my attic.  I'd have a comfortable old chair up there to sit in and just enough light coming in a little eyebrow window and from a hanging bulb to read. If anyone asked me for anything I'd say, "oh let's go look for it together I think I know just where it is..." That is not my reality though just a favorite dream. 
My reality is I enjoy finding new homes for things, giving things away, selling them, hunting for them, putting them into collections. 
Today was a day to  hunt and sort into collections.
I found one green wooden handled melon baller at an estate sale this am. 
green collection

That find led to two more thrift stores where I came up with lots of vintage tin and copper cookie cutters and decorative tins. When I got home I had so much fun sorting through all I'd found and making them into little vignettes and collections to sell in my etsy vintage shop.
pink collection
yellow collection
There were sweet little restaurant ware salt and peppers that made their way into two collections and a very strange and interesting collection of measuring spoons that landed in the pink collection. 
Then I couldn't resist this Industrial lunch box.  My dad carried a black one like this to work for over 35 years.
dad's lunchbox 
 It was fun seeing how my lunch would fit in there. Lots of room it works out.
my lunch
 A friend on my favorite Etsy vintage team made a beautiful wedding treasury today and I am featuring it up there on the right side. 
Anne April 14th 2012


Anita Dean Sews said...

fabulous finds Anne! i have those cookie cutters.. my mom's from the 40s & 50s!!! treasured, I pull them out after Thanksgiving to make sugar cookies & dare not eat too too many .. usually unsuccessfully! thanks so much for the wonderful walk down memory lane sweet friend! xoxo

Araignee said...

I have those cookie cutters too and I never considered them vintage until now. I suppose everything I own is now officially vintage! Oh my.....
My dad had a lunch box just like that one too. I can still remember the smell of it. Bologna and cheese!