Sunday, October 14, 2012

Infinity Scarf Etsy Trends

Etsy is always ahead of me or so it seems.  This am they sent an email with current Etsy Trends and what is "Hot this Season".  One of which is the popular Infinity Scarf or Moebius.  Of course their link directs you immediately  to hundreds of scarfs. link  Mine is not there as it is still on the needles, but I had the right idea to make one.
I am making mine out of Lion Brand's Amazing in wildflowers.   When I was up in Boston I spent some restful moments shopping on line and found Amazing on sale.  I went a little wild.  I love the color ways.  I bought lots of them and wish I had bought more.  I love this one it is called Mesa.

I have knit a cowl out of it.  It is so pretty and has some gold glass beads knit into it.  I need to buy more satin ribbon to weave into the eyelet on the top and bottom.  My pattern for this is here. link  I really need to update the pattern. I have learned how to knit the beads in by watching a video on Youtube. link  it is so easy to do and using the wire from the twist tie is great as the narrowness of it fits almost any beads.
Here is my Wildflower infinity scarf in progress.
I do not know how to die yarn or make colorways.  It is an endless mystery to me.  One that likely I will not venture to solve.  I know knitters who do this, from yarn they have washed, carded and spun.  Their kitchen sinks full of dazzling glass jars of color as they experiment with their colorfilled dreams. When their colors are set they start spinning these amazing fibers pulling spinning mixing color with color.  Just this skein of Amazing by Lion Brand has me in awe.  I have knit a good five inches of this scarf and have still not come up with a repeat of color.  It started with dusky, dusty browns, shadowy colors and has moved into soft greens and hints of rust.  Look at the inside of that skein up there.  I cannot wait to get to that rich ripe plumb color and that deep rich purple.  It is brilliant.  Appropriate to be making an infinity scarf out of these endless streams of color. 
Here are some more beautiful Infinity designs on Etsy.
Eva Miller made this lovely bracelet in her shop KapKa Design. You can find it here.  link
And here is a crochet infinity scarf in pumpkin chunky yarn
Mandy handcrafted this and you can find it in her shop here.  link
My tattoo is healing and getting smooth and soft.  I love it.  So I say to Etsy, "Yes I get it. What is Hot Right Now is Infinity"
To infinity and beyond!!


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Araignee said...

My daughter has the infinity symbol on her ankle and she has been asking for an infinity cowl. I think I know what needs to go on the needles next as soon as I get all this baby stuff finished. Amazing is amazing isn't it? That also reminds me, I need to put the sleeves on my Amazing pullover. So much to do, so little time...