Monday, November 5, 2012

Frogging Sox

Not what I had in mind for my beautiful socks.  The directions were for using circular needles.  I used 4 dp needles.  I didn't think I would have a problem, but alas my brain doesn't know how to compute the necessary calculations when it gets down to the KNITTY GRITTY heal turn.... I feel so stupid.  I had my lovely ribbing and my 7" leg and all that brilliant heal flap.   The flap was calculated incorrectly and was too long by 5 stitches.  I just could not figure out where to go next.  I finally combined the directions from another dp sock and bravely went ahead and turned the heal.  I picked up 21 stitches from each side when WHAMMO I had to try and do something called SHAPE THE INSTEP???  Maybe because I have flat feet this was a foreign concept.  I tried really.  Then I frogged and this is what I am back to.
The sad unraveling of the sock.  Mile after mile of lovely knitting and getting ready to start again.  I have now found a pattern from Susan B. Anderson called "How I Make My Socks" link It is made on dp's and I have already cast on.  I will keep you posted.  My 'right brain' thinking has to do it this way.  I have to start over. 
I am going to knit for a very long time tonight in an attempt to get caught back up even though I know that is not possible.


Araignee said...

Oh phooey...I hate when that happens. I love the idea of that blog post that spells out the construction details for you. My sister has been driving me crazy to teach her to do socks and I just may have to "borrow" this idea.

Gail P said...

Even unraveled, the yarn is really pretty! I'm sure the new sox will be wonderful.